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10 Most Expensive Gucci Products

Today we have a dazzling top 10 list of expensive Gucci products. Gucci is a brand that oozes with the type of class that only high-end Italian fashion is capable of achieving. It was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. It’s ranked 38th as the most valuable international brand. In 2016, its revenue was over $4.3 Billion, and the company is estimated currently be worth upwards of $14 Billion. The brand has 278 boutique stores situated on classy cosmopolitan high streets all over the world. The home of Gucci is the elegant Italian city of Florence, renowned for its production of high-class leather.

Since its inception, it’s being the purveyor of leather accessories such as handbags, shoes, and loafers. Whilst also offering the finest silks and knitwear. The pattern on Gucci merchandise as well as the double G. logo is synonymous and utterly unmistakable. Amongst all the fabulous Gucci products on sale, there are 10, in particular, that stand out for their unique style, beauty, and of course astronomical price tags. Interested? Of course, you are, let’s begin with the top 10 most expensive Gucci products.

10: Gucci Princetown Loafer

Gucci Princetown Loafer

Number 10 on our list of expensive Gucci products is Gucci Princetown Loafer. Comfort and class are combined in perfect harmony with these incredible loafers. The inner lining is made from the softest of lamb fur with the golden stirrup and an Italian leather sole of archetypal Gucci quality. Slipping these loafers on will make anyone feel as if they’re floating through their day. Your feet will feel as if they’re being hugged by royalty. These loafers cost around $2600.

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9: Gucci Genius Jeans

Gucci Genius Jeans

Number 9 on our list of expensive Gucci products is Gucci Genius Jeans. Despite being one of the most expensive pairs of jeans in fashion history, this product has flown off the shelves ever since its inception back in 1998. 20 years later and it’s still considered high-class fashion. Zara has even tried to imitate the fabulous design but could never live up to the pure class of the original Gucci. Each pair of denim pants is hand-stitched by the most skilled artisans of Florence, proudly displaying the phrase “made in Italy” on the label. The patterns are embossed with African beads and embroidered with precise and beautiful patterns of flowers and feathers. They hugged tightly to the hips and will magnify the beauty of any long-legged model. This pair of jeans will cost you $3990.

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Written by Jack Sparrow

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