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10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Today is a great day to pump up the volume and listen up. Because we’re talking about expensive headphones. If you’re an audio or music enthusiast, then you know how important headphones are when it comes to sound quality. There’s nothing like walking down the street and listening to your favorite tracks with the best headphones possible. This industry has been around for a little over 100 years now and it’s been growing very fast since then.

Headphones are now little wonders of technological engineering breakthroughs that can offer the clearest sounds and sleek designs you could ever think of. Wireless technology and Bluetooth are now key features that help users experience effortless interactions and constantly by the new models. The best headphones are not always the most expensive ones and vice versa. But it does feel nice to have good quality materials in your headphones.

Obviously, some of them are a bit extra or limited edition. Since there’s a luxury option for pretty much everything out there, we’re here to uncover them for you. Tech enthusiasts will probably know the brands on this list. Since they’re the best of the best in this industry and of course the most expensive. So, feel free to get inspired by this list of crazy gadgets. But remember sometimes the price is right and it’s better value for your money to invest. Anyway, without further ado let’s just dive in and take a look at the most expensive headphones in the world.

10: BDSM Headphones – Price $6,450

BDSM Headphones – Price $6,450

What do BDSM and headphones possibly have in common? After the “50 Shades of Grey” madness, the entire planet decided to embrace the kinky trend. Apparently, these expensive headphones jump on the bandwagon as well. The luxury retailer “Ssense” embraces the BDSM theme. They made some crazy headphones with leather straps that will make you feel submissive and sort of caged but in a good way, I guess. They are called the Arca edition Tormenta Cage Headphone headpiece. Until the final result of an exotic collaboration with DJ Arca.

So, technically no resemblance to 50 shades designs-wise. This headpiece has one leather strap that goes around the head from ear to ear and two more over the face leaving no room for your mouth to say the safety word sexy and naughty. The brand is not offering a warranty for the subject. They’re selling it as an art object and they’re also in limited edition. So, if you want a pair you better hurry up. Keep in mind they are weird headphones maybe for BDSM reasons.

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9: Chanel Headphones – Price $7,200 (Expensive Headphones)

Chanel Headphones – Price $7,200 (Expensive Headphones)

On a high-end note, here are the Chanel Headphones, yes Chanel and Headphones in the same sentence. These beauties are designed by Karl Lagerfeld the current designer for Chanel. Because his extravagant like that and saw a great opportunity. The collaboration is between Chanel and Monster Audio. Even though they are $7200 they are a blend of the best designer. It’s one of the best companies that also work with Beats by Dre. Just wait until you see the design. Audio files can now be stylish when wearing these expensive headphones.

They have the famous Chanel black leather pattern on the cuffs and over the headband a tiny Chanel logo. They do look like a fancy accessory when you have them on your neck. It also comes with a beautiful Chanel case that’s also black leather with the logo. Since the headphones are $7200 you might as well wear the case as a clutch bag and nobody would even notice.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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