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10 Most Expensive Robots In The World

Today we’re looking at the exciting field of robotics, more specifically about the most advanced and expensive robots available in the world today. Most people know that a robot is a machine that is capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. The name robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means drudgery. Mechanical engineers have been attempting to create self-operating machines since the times of ancient Greece and ancient China, but the first modern robot was introduced in 1928. While shows like the Jetsons in the 1960s predicted that robots would be a common part of life for humans in the 21st century. The reality is that most robots are very expensive and only millionaires and billionaires can afford the most advanced models.

Why are most robots so incredibly expensive? There are several reasons one being the limited production number of most robots. The cost has to cover not only the materials but all of the manpower and thousands of hours of work that go into creating each model. However, even if you take away these costs the price would remain quite high because of all the materials involved. Most robots have multiple motors, sensors, battery packs, gearboxes, computing elements and other custom mechanics. Billionaires are all about working smarter not harder. Robots can enable them to get more done in less time and with less effort. Let’s take a closer look at these fascinating machines with the top 10 most expensive robots in the world.

10: Robo Thespian Humanoid Robot – Price $93,000

Robo Thespian Humanoid Robot – Price $93,000

Robo Thespian is advertised as being the ultimate acting humanoid designed for interaction in a public environment. It is known for many expressions and it’s the first commercial robot that behaves like a person. This robot was created by the British company engineered arts. It’s able to make eye contact, perform songs, interact with humans and even guess your age. The robots are primarily purchased by museums, universities and companies to communicate with guests and entertain at exhibits, trade shows and events. It can be purchased for around $93,000.

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9: Xenex – Price $125,000 (Expensive Robots)

Xenex – Price $125,000

Xenex is a robot that has been specifically designed to disinfect an area most typically a hospital room. The robot uses UV rays to completely disinfect areas minimizing the possibility of deadly hospital-acquired infections. The US center of disease control found that 75% of deaths per year occurred as a result of these types of infections, so this is a major deal. This saves lives while also potentially saving hospitals and other companies millions of dollars in lawsuits and other costs that are incurred when infections are spread. It is currently being used in over 400 hospitals in the United States and costs $125,000 for the top-level UV system, a perfect option for germaphobic billionaires.

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Written by Jack Sparrow

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