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10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

Thanks for deciding to spend some time with us here today. We are happy to have your company as we unveil another great list. As we’re sure you well know the mission here at abouticles is to present our viewers with all of the vital information pertaining to the biggest and best things in life that combine to create an elite high-flying lifestyle. In the past, we’ve given you the facts and figures on the best locations, brands, artists, actors, and musicians in the world. Today it’s time to dive into the realm of expensive smartphones.

There is one thing that can immediately convey a millionaire or billionaire status. It’s the possession of an extraordinary extravagant smartphone. Sure, pretty much everyone in the world has some sort of smartphone these days. Believe us when we say that you won’t have ever seen devices like this before. Let’s delay no longer and take a look at the 10 most expensive smartphones in the world.

10: Dior Reverie Haute Couture – Price $102,000

Dior Reverie Haute Couture – Price $102,000

It goes without saying that Dior is one of the most revered and respected brands in the world of fashion and beauty. In 2012, they entered the smartphone race with an extremely limited-edition creation. The Reverie Haute Couture was a smartphone unlike any other. It boasts 1539 diamonds on its case and 46 pieces of mother-of-pearl that pushed its value into 6 figures. The cruel nature of technology and the speed at which it moves means that the specifications of the referee hope could tour Reverie Haute Couture are rather outdated at this point. But the intent of the device was to turn heads with its extravagant design rather than its capabilities. There is no sign that Dior will be dipping their toes into the smartphone field again anytime soon. But their one attempt created a phone worth more than $100,000 and that is impressive.

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9: Savelli Smartphone – Price $250,000

Savelli Smartphone – Price $250,000

Even though smartphones are unisex, some have greater appeal to women and this was the intention of the Savelli smartphone. Savelli was a Geneva-based jeweler and with their smartphones, they wanted to elevate phones to haute couture. According to CEO Alessandro Savelli, Savelli made 11 models in 3 categories with the most expensive models being those in the marvelous category. These jewel-encrusted phones with 18 karat gold cases, with the diamond ring, diamond night, champagne diamonds, and black insane, which was sat with 75 baguette-cut diamonds. There was also a special edition called emerald knight, made of 18 karats rose gold and 400 emeralds. Savelli ceased trading in August of 2016.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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