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10 Most Expensive Snowboards In The World

Today we’re talking about what some call the king of winter sports, “Expensive Snowboards”. There’s no doubt it’s a rich man’s game if you take into account all the expenses involved in paying for accommodation. All the necessary gear even lift passes have spicy prices. However, nothing compares to the smooth experience you live while riding on a snowboard tailored to your needs. Not to mention the heads turning while you ride down the slope. So, let’s see why are snowboard so expensive in general? What do we take into account while putting this list into place?

First of all, the materials that are used, should be stiff enough to lead you through the snow. But also, flexible and light to allow for speed and tricks. High-end boards are often made with either a bamboo or flexible material running in the middle to give them a better pop when jumping. The shapes, profile, length, weight, torsional stiffness, along with the longitudinal access, all give a special experience when riding on premium and expensive snowboards.

There is a lot of research going into developing the best materials for snowboards and that means further costs. Also, the exclusivity of owning the board you want ways on the price tag. However, the niche of ultra-expensive snowboards is quite slim. What we look for when making this top list? Quality, innovation, the notoriety of the brand and of course how many people own the board you dream of, the fewer the better. That’s enough with the intro let’s get to it. Here are the top 10 most expensive snowboards in the world.

10: Jones Project X – Price $1750

Jones Project X – Price $1750

Making it to the number 10 spot of expensive snowboards, Jones Project X board. Project X sounds like an evil plan put together by villains from a Marvel movie in their attempt to take over the world but that’s not the case with our first entry on the list, the Jones project X. Xavier Knight the brains behind the sport managed to create one of Jones’ most advanced and most expensive boards to date. The description from the Jones website says, “it’s built using a unique variation of ultra-construction that features multiple layers of fusion tech and TeXtreme Carbon.” So, if you’re looking for a board that’s playful, light, and responsive enough to dish out the money you can use for a used car, Project X is the choice for you.

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9: Pogo Maverick Powdergun – Price $1765

Pogo Maverick Powdergun – Price $1765

The Pogo Maverick Powdergun is the flagship powder freeride board. It is 230 centimeters in length and is made of walnut veneer with maple stringers and pearl inlays, making the Maverick a piece of art rather than a snowboard. it will make you fly faster and smoother while making those heads turn while going down the slide.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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