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10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Today we will talk about some most expensive Supreme products. Supreme is a relatively new fashion giant opening its first store on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan in April of 1994. Supreme was founded by James Jebbia who wanted to create a new and exciting brand for skaters as well as the hip-hop and rock scenes. The original layout had all items around the edge of the store. So, skaters could roll right on in. Supreme now has 11 stores around the world including cities like London, Tokyo, Paris, and LA. In October 2017, Supreme announced it had sold a 50% stake in its company to private equity firm The Carlyle Group. The deal was worth upwards of $500 Million. However, today the fashion brand is estimated to be worth well over a billion big ones.

Supreme success has largely been attributed to the fact that each product is made in very short runs. However, James Jebbia says that no expensive Supreme products will ever be called limited. The only reason the products are made in small batches is that the fashion market is fickle. And changes so fast the brand doesn’t want to be left with a whole load of items that nobody wants. Regardless of how cynical you wish to be about Supreme success and whether the scarcity of products was an intentional marketing strategy or not. There’s no denying that it has made one of the coolest and most sought-after brands for fans all across the globe. Here is the list of the 10 most expensive Supreme products.

10: Supreme Mo-Wax Box Logo T-Shirt – Sold for $3600

Supreme Mo-Wax Box Logo T-Shirt – Sold for $3600

Released in 2014, 50 of these special t-shirts were exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery to commemorate 21 years of Mo-Wax records. Mo-Wax is renowned for its compilations and collaborative albums that push trip-hop, turntablism, and alternative hip-hop onto the scene in the mid-1990s. Their album designs, as well as their music, have become renowned as modern works of art. Having commissioned top graffiti artists like Footura and Robert Del Naja? It seems like a match made in heaven for a Mo-Wax to collaborate on the Supreme box logo design. The result was a simple yet classy design that is almost impossible to find up for resale on today’s market.

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9: Supreme North Face Leopard Nuptse – Sold for $3650

Supreme North Face Leopard Nuptse – Sold for $3650

North Face Jackets are adored for the sheer quality of their design. For those unfortunate enough to live in areas of the world that utterly freeze over in the winter, North Face Jacket can be a lifesaver. While still allowing one to look effortlessly cool at the same time. Now add Supreme to the equation with this jacket from 2011’s collection. And you’ve instantly got an item of next-level value. All of the North Face of Supreme collaborations are expensive Supreme products. But the Leopard Nuptse easily takes the title. The design is extraordinary which certainly helps but perhaps what makes it worth more than any of the other collaborative pieces is the fact that Drake wore one during a concert in Vancouver. North Face “Do you Love Me” are you riding sale Make it worth Supreme.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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