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10 Most Expensive Tea In The World

Tea has been a part of oriental traditions for millennia. Europe and the US first developed a taste for these mystical leaves in the 18th century when British traders began smuggling tea seeds from China to their Indian colonies in the Himalayas. In West Bengal, tea plantations replaced opium fields in huge numbers and a new culture was born. This change in harvest is widely regarded as one of the most defining eras in modern international trade. Today tea products are ubiquitous, and the choice has become extremely diverse, fruity, smoky, herbal, or aromatic, the list is endless. However, the very best tea leaves will always be the ones grown on mystical grounds, cultivated by ancient methods, and distributed with a touch of class, let’s dive into the 10 most expensive tea in the world.

10: Gao Shan Tea – $170/Kg

Gao Shan Tea- $170/Kg - 10 Most Expensive Tea In The World -

The first expensive tea on our list is both unique and extremely rare. It survived thousands of years of savage typhoons high up in the mountains of Taiwan. There are less than 800 plants and each one must be carefully cultivated. Chinese legends believe the tea’s medicinal qualities derive from its ability to survive on such rugged terrains. It’s used to treat insomnia, dizziness, and various skin conditions.

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9: Silver Tips Imperial Tea – $400/Kg

Silver Tips Imperial Tea - $400/Kg -

This product grows at the highest altitudes of any teas. Plantations can be found as high as 8000 feet in the Himalayan mountains. Its mystical aroma is attributed to a unique harvesting method. Silver Tips Imperial Tea can only be picked during full moon nights, by following cosmic cycles the potency of the tea is apparently enhanced. After the harvest, the teas are left out to dry in slightly moist conditions, so they began to ferment. As a result, the product has become known as a liqueur tea and is usually enjoyed in the evening after a luxurious banquet. The tea can also boast of being processed and packaged at the Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling. This estate is renowned as the very first expensive tea factory and the only one in India to have never been owned by the British.

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