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10 Most Expensive Wars in History

When it comes to wars, people obviously stop paying attention to the reasons that have caused the countries involved to reach such a point. As well as to think about many innocent people who end up being involved in the confrontation. Making this many people end up suffering without having any kind of option. However, something that many people end up forgetting is the fact that these wars also end up having and generating costs for their countries. Causing that in most it is necessary to withdraw resources from the population for investment in armaments. So, let’s see the most expensive wars in history.

10: Mexico-American War (Expensive Wars)

The tenth place of the world’s most expensive wars was reserved for the Mexican war, which would have cost approximately $2.37 billion. Which was occurred in mid of 1846, a confrontation between Mexico and the United States with the annex to Texas? Being that through this war, the United States would have obtained the call of Novo éximo to California.

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9: American Revolution

Number 9 on the list of most expensive wars in the world is the Revolution of America. Which costs approximately $2.4 billion. which was occurred in the period from 1775 to 1783 and the United States have officially succeeded in gaining its independence.

8: Hispanic-American War (Expensive Wars)

Number 8 on the list of most expensive wars in the world is the United States against Spain. Which costs approximately $9 billion and have occurred in the period between 1898 and 1899. The purpose of this was to obtain possession of Cuba, that is to say, a confrontation between the United States and Spain. To dispute to whom it belonged, as well as to obtain control of Puerto Rico, Philippines, among others.

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7: War of Secession

The seventh place was reserved for the Civil War. Which costs nothing more than $79.7 billion, and for those who do not remember, this could be considered as a confrontation that really made part of American history like one of the greater massacres. Since this would have occurred because of the abolition of slavery, and of course, among many other reasons.

6: Gulf War (Expensive Wars)

The sixth was reserved for the war in the Persian Gulf. Which costs nothing more than $102 billion. It happened in 1990 when the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait occurred. A coalition of 29 countries, led by the United States, was mobilized with UN and NATO support to start a bombing of Iraqi troops.

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5: First World War

Fifth place was for World War I, which of course is known worldwide, and it cost nothing more than 334 billion dollars, and for those who do not remember, the confrontation took place between two groups of regions and countries, including countries such as France, Russia, Italy, Japan, and the United States.

4: Korean War (Expensive Wars)

Number 4 on our list of the 10 most expensive wars in history is the Korean war. Which cost nothing less than $341 billion. It occurred in 1950 between North Korea and South Korea.

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3: Vietnam War

The third place was left for the Vietnam War, and the cost of the war is approximately $738 billion, and took place from 1965 to 1975. The consequences of this confrontation were both physical and mental for both sides.

2: War on Terror (Expensive Wars)

The second place among the most expensive wars was due to terrorism. This war cost 1 trillion dollars, and for those who do not remember, this war was due to the events of 11 of September. The terrorist attacks the twin towers of the United States. The attack resulted in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the United States with the alleged intention of combating terrorism and its allies.

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1: Second World War

And finally, the first place was reserved for World War II. Which cost 4 trillion dollars. Since this was due to racial issues, among many other reasons, causing it to be considered until today as the most expensive war in the entire world, and of course, one of the most popular as well.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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