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10 Most Expensive Water Bottles In The World

Our top 10 list introduces you to the exquisite world of luxurious and expensive water bottles. As far back as time goes, water has always been an integral part of life for all species on earth. People have been bottling water for transport since the earliest times of human civilization. Beyond that, there’s been a great many legends and myths of the magical healing and the life-giving properties that can be gained by drinking special waters.

Bottled waters are one of the most important life-giving luxuries you can give yourself. Water is an essential part of everyday life with its own place for special occasions. The list of bottled waters available is quite long. Today we’re only going to talk about the most elite selection among them. Perfect as gifts or for sharing, you may consider giving yourself a wonderful treat by trying one of these specialty waters. With all that said, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 most expensive water bottles in the world.

10: Ten Thousand BC – Cost $14

Ten Thousand BC Water - Expensive Water Bottles In The World -

Ten Thousand BC is a great product from a company way up in the icy northern hemisphere. This specialty water is actually named for its location on the west coast of North America. It is an icy alternative to regular tap water or glacier water. Ten Thousand BC gathers its water from freezing cold river rapids. The journey is set to take 3 days in each direction and the bottle design looks like a frosted wine bottle. If you’re a water connoisseur, I think you would find a taste test for this brand a worthy journey. You can try a bottle for $14.

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9: OGO Premium Oxygen Water – Cost $18

OGO Premium Oxygen Water -

OGO is a premium water brand and is one of few that is known to have 35 times more oxygen than other traditional bottled water. Known also as Dutch specialty water, OGO works as an all-natural and luxurious energizer. As premium water, it comes in two versions, either still blue or sparkling red. This specialty water has many considerable health benefits. It can help you with better concentration, enhance your body’s circulation, help to reduce tiredness, and provide considerable improvements to your body’s metabolism. All of that makes it worth $18 a bottle. OGO was known as a perfect substitute for energy drinks and caffeine to get you reenergized and help improve your focus throughout the day.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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