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10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses In The World

There isn’t another day in your life when expectations run higher than on your wedding day. Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life when you and your beloved pledged your vows to each other in picturesque settings. The wedding dress is as much a part of the ceremony as the rings and flowers. So, it’s no surprise that those with cash to spare have no problem spending absolute fortunes on the bridal gowns. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria wore a white gown to marry Prince Albert in 1840. The white dresses really took off and became synonymous with the bridal look. Everything from diamonds, crystals, luxurious lace, and even peacock feathers have been featured on the most expensive wedding dresses to ensure their special day is worthy of a princess.

There are many things that can affect the cost of a wedding dress from the materials used to the man-hours required to finish them. As most of these couture bridal gowns are made by hand. There sure is a lot of care and time put into each stitch. This is why the cost of these incredible dresses are an amalgamation of time, produce, branding and exclusivity. So, whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own special day or simply dreaming of your chance to walk down the aisle toward your Prince Charming? Here are the top 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world. Grab some tissues, these gowns are both beautiful and eye-wateringly expensive.

10: Melania Trump’s Christian Dior Dress – Price $100,000 – $200,000 (Expensive Wedding Dresses)

Melania Trump’s Christian Dior Dress – Price $100,000 – $200,000 (Expensive Wedding Dresses)

The First Lady certainly had no issue spending her soon-to-be husband’s money, when she opted for Dior Gown for her big day back in 2005. The gown itself was made of 300 feet of tulle and embroidered with over 15,000 rhinestones and pearls, meaning it took over 1000 hours to make. The gown was so huge that Melania was advised to eat well before the wedding. So, she could bear the weight of the dress. In addition to eating a hearty breakfast, the blushing bride had to sit on the bench rather than a chair to accommodate for its volume. Quite the wedding dress I’m sure you’ll agree. Little did she know that donning this incredible gown and making those vowels would see her become the First Lady of America just 12 years later.

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9: Princess Diana’s Legendary Emmanuels Wedding Dress – Price $115,000 – $150,000

Princess Diana’s Legendary Emmanuels Wedding Dress – Price $115,000 – $150,000

Number 9 on our list of expensive wedding dresses is Diana’s wedding dress. Though tragic her life was, there’s no denying the magic and wonder that surrounded Diana on her wedding day. The young beauty entered into the spotlight when she married the heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles. The dress has since become that of legends. Although it reportedly only cost 9000 pounds at the time. It has since been revalued with reports claiming it could now cost up to 80,000 pounds. Owing to its fame, it’s now valued at as much as $150,000 allowing for inflation and the conversion to US dollars. The dress was made of ivory silk, taffeta, antique lace, over 10,000 pearls and had an astonishing 25-foot terrain, not forgetting those incredible 1980s puff sleeves. Diana certainly set the bar for blowout gowns in this dress.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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