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10 Tricks Companies Use to Fool Customers

They’re out there and they’re doing their best to get more money out of you all the time. No, we’re not talking about politicians. Instead, we’re talking about companies who are using some pretty interesting tactics to make you spend your hard-earned cash. From visual tricks to straight-up psychological warfare, pretty much anywhere you go today companies are employing all sorts of tactics to make you buy, buy, buy. Here are 10 Tricks Companies Use to Fool customers!

10: Free Samples

Free Samples

Oh! these seem free, but they aren’t. Heading to the grocery store you hear the staff offering you a free pizza bagel bite. They make you think it’s just about advertising that pizza bagel, but it isn’t. Stores know that 40% of people who take that free sample will go on to spend more money than they had originally planned. Why? Well, that sample gets your brain and stomach going. With your eyes seeing all sorts of food around it’s the trifecta for a massive grocery bill.

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9: Anchoring to Fool Customers

Anchoring to Fool Customers

Number 9 trick companies use to fool customers is anchoring. We’ve all seen this one. You go into a store and there are sale tags all over the place. Upon closer inspection, you see the tag has the original price crossed off and replaced with a much lower one. In shock at the massive difference, you’re encouraged to buy and that is exactly what the store wants. The trick here? often that original price that is crossed off is totally made up or the item in question was never sold at that store for that original amount. However, the “new” price is so much lower than the original price that it grabs our attention and becomes an offer we simply can’t refuse.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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