9 GIRLS Texts and What it Really Mean

Have you ever been texting a girl and she replies with some cryptic message? You have no clue what she means, and you have no clue what to say back? Are you desperate for a way to decode these messages? Below are 9 girls texts and what they really mean.

9: Drunk Texting

Ugh oh, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we indulge in a couple of drinks or more that can make us go over into the deep end. When alcohol goes in, real honest, and genuine emotions come out. When a girl drunk texts a guy, it means he is on her mind. And when we drink, we’re more in tune with ourselves. We either start acting crazy, or we start swimming in our feelings. By then, we can’t control ourselves and end up texting how we really feel.

It might be hard reading her texts since there might be misspelled words or incomplete sentences. But remember that she will be sober tomorrow and might not even remember texting you at all. So, you don’t want to make it seem like you’ve taken advantage of her in her drunken state. If anything, when she wakes up tomorrow, she’ll be embarrassed and apologize profusely for her actions last night.

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8: “K”

A “k” response is the ultimate “screw you” reply. If you guys are having a fight over text and she responds with this single letter, then she’s fed up and done. This type of response is rarely dished out, but when it is dished out, she’s hit her boiling point. It means that at that moment, she doesn’t care about your last response because she isn’t too happy with you or she’s just responding just to respond. Sometimes she might just respond with “k” because it’s the quickest answer. While it’s probably the most annoying reply anyone can receive, the good part is that this response only happens during extreme circumstances.

7: “What are you doing later?”

When she asks what are you doing later, she really wants to know what you’re doing later on because she wants to see if you’re free so she can hang out with you. This means she’s giving you some leeway to clear your schedule and make some time for her. Of course, she won’t ask you to hang out directly because she wants you to make the first move. If you say you’re not doing anything tonight, then invite her to hang out and when you do, she’ll feel like she’s on top of the world. However, if you actually have plans with family or a friend, tell her of your plans but make sure to schedule another day to hang out and set a time and place.

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6: “Hey you.”

Alright, so this is basically her way of virtual flirting. It’s a way to grab your attention instead of just texting the old and boring, “hey” text or “what’s up.” She thinks by texting “hey you” you’re more likely to respond. It’s a sweet hello and typically reserved for someone she likes. So, if she texts you this, then this is a good sign! It’s a modest, flirty, and coy approach.  Now it’s your turn on how you want this conversation to play out!

5: “I’m up for anything.”

So, you guys make plans, and you ask her what she wants to do, and she says, “I’m up for anything.” So, what do you do? Well, this is her way of having you suggest something for the night. While it might be easier to say, “I don’t know,” she wants to see what you’ll plan instead. Even though she says she’s up for anything, think about what you’re going to plan for the evening. Chances are if you say you’re going to take her bungee jumping, she might back down. Stuff like that requires planning and lots of it. But something simple as a dinner or movie, even going to the beach or a picnic will definitely take her breath away.

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4: The Single Emoji – Girls Texts

Emojis are an excellent way to spruce up a conversation! But depending on your conversation, girls will use emojis for a number of things. Some girls will use them as a conversation filler; they might not know how to respond so they’ll use an emoji. Some girls might be busy and will use an emoji as a quick response and will reply later on when they have time. Other times, some girls will use an emoji because they don’t know how to answer but they also don’t want the conversation to end either. It might also be another polite way of putting an end to a conversation. They might have lost interest and are using an emoticon instead to get you to stop texting.

3: “I’m Really Busy.” – Girls Texts

It’s been a few weeks since you saw her last and you shoot her a text to catch up, only to get the “I’m really busy” reply. Now she actually could be busy. She might have a test to study for, has a ton of homework, has her family to tend to, or might be slammed at work. However, aren’t we all busy? Being busy is one of the most common excuses used when a person doesn’t want to see the other person again.

In order to find out if she’s actually busy or doesn’t want to see you, have her set up a time and place when she’s free to hang out. If she cancels or doesn’t follow through, then you have your answer. Most of us would rather dish out the busy excuse because it’s easier to say that than the truth. But if she’s trying to set up plans and things keep getting canceled due to her busy schedule? Then catching up might take some time and effort if she is genuinely trying on her part.

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2: “So How was Last Night?” – Girls Texts

You got invited out to a party and went without her, either because she was busy or had work or simply couldn’t attend. Now, when she asks you about last night, she wants to see if there was anything she was missing out on. Even though the party might’ve been fun and you drank three beers, two shots, and saw a bunch of your old friends, this is NOT something she wants to hear. No girl wants to hear that you were out having fun without her and it’ll make her wonder what you did or if you hooked up with someone else.

1: No Response – Girls Texts

Getting no response is also getting a response. Talking to new people is always scary, you might get rejected, and other times you win! The majority of the time, if she hasn’t replied to your texts, then it could mean a lot of different things. She might be shy, too busy, a bad texter, or she simply isn’t interested.

Texting someone isn’t always the best way to get to know someone. We can’t decipher tone through texts and texting doesn’t show our personality. Try texting her to set up a time and place to hang out and go from there. Give her some time to reply. However, if she doesn’t respond at all, don’t take it personally as it happens to the best of us. Girls who are interested in you will make it crystal clear, but don’t let texting deter you away from moving on in the dating game.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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