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10 Scientists Claiming to Have God’s Existence Proof

Both people of faith and atheists are constantly waiting for some clear evidence to confirm or deny god’s existence proof. In this list, we are discussing the 10 theories or tests of scientists with the purpose of demonstrating God’s existence, of Heaven, and of Hell. If what is affirmed is true or fiction, it is up to each one to decide.

10: Studies with Dr. Azzacove

In 1989, a 14,000-meter-deep well in Siberia was excavated by Russian geologists. Through sensory equipment capable of withstanding high temperatures, it was possible to hear lamentations in the center of the Earth, asking for mercy and water. Dr. Azzacove stated that there is an absolute certainty that drilling has reached the gates of hell. And the thermal sensor indicated 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, the screams were millions of humans, in great pain! Unsurprisingly, in 1990 the news came to the public through the Finnish newspaper Ammennusatia and soon came the alleged recording of the audio in which Dr. Azzacove says about it and reveals the audio testimony. You can hear it up.

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9: Book “A Test of Heaven”

The neurosurgeon Eben Alexander III already believed in reports of people who almost faced death and said they saw a certain light and explained by neuroscience.

And Eben himself passed through experience, feeling that science was not sufficient for the explanation of the observed; he faced deep coma after being surprised by meningitis. He said that he was reborn in a gelatinous substance and that a beautiful girl guided him with butterfly wings to the God of Love. The experience is told in the book “A Test of Heaven.”

8: Chemistry Students Demonstrated the Existence of Heaven and Hell of God’s Existence Proof

At the University of Washington, the question was asked whether hell is exothermic, with heat release, or endothermic, absorbing heat. The chemistry student answered the dissertation with a lot of creativity and interesting arguments, which were shared with the mounds on the internet. Here is a short summary:

The complex answer involved a large number of people coming to hell. And if hell does not expand, endless heat is released, as people just walk in and out. However, according to Boyle’s law, if hell expands at a rate higher than the incoming souls, it will absorb heat at an extremely low temperature. Of course, humor and irony were used in the answer, because the existence of Heaven and Hell has a lot to do with faith.

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7: Professor Johann Bartholomeus Adam Beringer

In 1725, Johann Adam Bartholomeus Behringer made a discovery of objects that had the name of God in Hebrew. They were limestone rocks in the form of fish, lizards, deformed birds. The teacher believed it to be the divine principle for the creation of animals. A kind of sketch done by God.

But what Johann did not know, he finds that they were buried. He actually believed in discovery, analyzing the fossils, and published a book with the disclosure of that work. Later the teacher understood the mistake, and the story went to justice with two of the professor’s colleagues, J. Ignatz Roderick, and Johann Georg von Eckhart made a mistake by creating fake fossils.

6: Pascal’s Bet about God’s Existence Proof

It is the proposal with arguments of the apologetic philosophy, that has like creator Blaise Pascal, of century XVII, mathematician, philosopher, and French physicist. In work, the advantage is posited by the assumption of the existence of God in comparison to Atheism.

It is added that the rational person must relate his own existence to that of God, even without truthfulness. The question was formulated in a Christian context. In section 233 of the posthumous book Pensées, as a pioneering work in probability theory, and with decision theory.

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5: Leonhard Euler

Euler participated in an episode that amused Europe, with an equation in kind of a joke, to convince Diderot of God’s existence proof. The invention of the equation was for discussion about this existence, and Diderot, understanding nothing of Algebra, thought that the equation was sensible, which ended with great outbursts of spectators.

4: Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem of God’s Existence Proof

With this Theorem, there is proof that science does not fill its own gaps, and it is necessary to seek outside the science some answers. And the incompleteness of the universe is not specifically the proof of God’s existence. It would be proof that this belief is necessary and totally logical to scientifically understand the Universe. In 1931, the young mathematician Kurt Gödel proved the connection between faith and science.

3: Francis Collins Theory

This great American biologist, a talented scientist, was one of the people responsible for the mapping of human DNA in the year 2001. And his scientific knowledge did not prevent belief in religion, by God. With the book The Language of God, he told of his trajectory from being an atheist to be a Christian at the age of 27. For him, science and religion are needed for societies as complementary.

2: Mathematics and Notebook of God’s Existence Proof

Christoph Benzmüller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo, scientists at the Free University of Berlin, formalized God’s theorem, created by Kurt Gödel. The work was done on the basis of the science of being in general, Gödel’s ontological argument. He had presented a mathematical theorem for this existence. The two showed the correct Gödel test, at the mathematical level, with a MacBook, with superior modal logic. What has been shown is that with incredible technology, there are advanced and scientific results.

1: Near Death Experiences

CNN published an account of Dr. Steven Laureys, a Belgian scientist and a student of Near-Death Experiences, with patients in a coma. And the stories of people who come back to life are similar. The study points to the existence of something beyond life, with patients returning happier from a coma and without fear of death.

So, that’s a wrap on our list of top 10 scientists claiming God’s existence proof. What do you think about God’s existence? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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