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10 Gods Of Money And Fortune You Should Know About

All around the world, goddesses and gods of money and fortune have been worshipped for centuries. They come from different backgrounds and cultures, but in many countries across the globe, one out of five pictures is a representation of these deities so they may offer protection against poverty. For example, Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of wealth- who’s said to bring prosperity as her picture graces many Indian households; she also brings good luck!

The sound of Mantras is a spiritual experience for Buddhist Monks and Hindu Priests. They have been known to bring wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Yet they’re often misunderstood as a lot of people would say that it can only be for good or bad luck purposes depending on whichever side you favor. But what if I told you mantras were also an ancient form of meditation? Nowadays we find Buddhist Monks chanting mantras over 108 times not just to reach their Gods but because this is how long meditating takes! Here are 10 Gods of Money and Fortune You Should Know About.

10: Pluto – Roman God of Wealth – Gods of Money and Fortune

Pluto – Roman God of Wealth – Gods of Money and Fortune

Ancient Romans revered Pluto as the god of wealth. He was associated with bounties and seen as a patron deity who presided over rich harvest due to minerals found underground. Pluto was being both a mighty ruler in charge of what lies below us all. He was an attentive husband to Persephone (Roman goddess). In classical western literature, he had a robust presence: Hades (his previous name in Greek mythology) is frequently depicted ruling over Earth’s underworld kingdom. While his wife often has him relinquish control for periods on end so she may be free from his powerful grip. This made him seem like a more caring spouse than a stern king because it allowed time for Persephone to roam freely without worry that he would ruin things by trying too hard.

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9: Abundantia – Roman Goddess of Abundance, Luck, and Prosperity

Abundantia – Roman Goddess of Abundance, Luck and Prosperity - Gods Of Money And Fortune

Abundantia was a goddess of prosperity in Roman mythology. She is believed to have survived as part of the French culture. Her status in literature and art has been cold for centuries despite being personified with some virtues that were valued by Romans. Abundantia is depicted in ancient Roman propaganda as the embodiment of wealth, prosperity, and money. This may be because during this time period she was a vital part of supporting their Emperor Reign with her likeness coupled with all that she stood for. She has little mythology associated with her because she survived in modified form during later periods in France.

Written by Jack Sparrow


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