10 Signs He’ll Be A Good Boyfriend

There are a few telltale signs that will show you whether your current squeeze is good boyfriend material. Keep your eyes peeled for these 10 signs he will be a good boyfriend.

10: He Doesn’t Try to Play It Cool

There are all kinds of dating rules that make relationships more complicated, like the three-day rule. If he’s had a fun time with you, he sends you a message to let you know, straight away not three days later. He’s not fussed about trying to look cool, calm, and collected. He’s not playing any games. He doesn’t turn up to date “fashionably late” and he certainly doesn’t agree with the adage ‘treat them mean, keep them keen.” He’s straight forward, so you always know where you stand with him. He says what he feels, not what he thinks he’s supposed to say.

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9: Good Boyfriend is Upfront About Your Relationship Status

It’s totally frustrating to be stuck in that dating limbo where you don’t know the status of your relationship. Are you not dating other people now? Have you become boyfriend and girlfriend yet? If he’s upfront and honest from the onset about his intentions and that’s a great sign. If he’s dodging questions about where this is going, then he’ll probably never commit.

8: Doesn’t Get Too Serious Too Soon

Although you want a certain level of commitment from him, you certainly don’t want to move too fast. If he’s talking about moving in together after the third date, he’s probably going to be too intense in a relationship. That should ring alarm bells. He’s a keeper if you can balance being keen and interested in being realistic and respectful. You both want to move at a steady pace.

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7: Good Boyfriend Gives You Space

If he doesn’t want you out of his sight, run for the hills. It might seem flattering at first, but it’ll become tiresome pretty quickly. If he’s confident in your relationship and trusts you, he’ll be happy to spend time apart. He appreciates that you are your own person with your own interests and your own friends. He doesn’t take it too far, like making you beg to spend time together. A good Boyfriend wants to be part of your life. He just recognizes that it doesn’t have to mean all the time.

6: Involving in Each Other’s Interests

It’s great when he lets you get on with your thing, but you also want to be part of each other’s lives. So, it’s lovely when he wants to share his interest with you. He’s passionate about hiking, or coffee, or watching baseball. Whatever he’s into, he wants you to be part of it too but he’s not pushing you into becoming his female equivalent. He’s just excited to show you what makes him tick and he’s happy to go to that vintage market you love, even though he hates shopping.

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5: Good Boyfriend Gets on Well with Your Friends

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to become BFFs with all your nearest and dearest. In fact, that would be kind of annoying. They’re your friends after all but it’s definitely a good sign if he gets on well with your closest buddies. This shows he’s adaptable and wants to be part of your world. It makes it much easier when you want to celebrate a birthday with everyone you love. Life is much simpler when your boyfriend is easygoing and sociable.

4: Respects Your Choices

You’re not going to agree on everything but that doesn’t matter if he’s comfortable in his own opinions and is happy for you to have yours too. Being able to compromise is definitely a big part of any successful relationship. So, it’s a really good sign if he’s cool with you having your own view on things. Especially, when it’s different from his view, he respects your decisions.

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3: A Good Boyfriend is Happy to Talk

A good boyfriend is happy to spend time talking with you and not just about how your day was, although that’s a good sign too, about the deep and meaningful stuff. When your other half doesn’t want to open up, be honest, and talk through tough subjects, it can make a relationship incredibly difficult. You always have things to chat about on dates. And you’re genuinely interested in each other. He admits when he’s wrong and apologizes when necessary.

2: He’s Not Afraid of The Future

He doesn’t have to be talking through five-year plans and what you’ll call your first-born child. If he’s willing to discuss the future, even if it’s just making plans for next weekend, that’s a great sign. If he’s up for talking about attending a family wedding together in a few months’ time, that’s even better.

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1: A Good Boyfriend is Your Biggest Fan

You’re onto a good thing if you’ve got no doubt in your mind that he’s in your corner. He will back you, encourage you and celebrate your successes. He’s not jealous of your career or friendships. You feel at ease with him and don’t feel like you have to pretend to be anyone else. He likes you just the way you are, with or without makeup. Feeling confident are having a wobble, he’s there to champion you and make you feel great about yourself. He’s your biggest fan.

So, girls, that’s a wrap on our list of 10 signs he will be a good boyfriend. Which of these signs do you think are most important? Let us know in the comments down below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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