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10 Greatest Mysteries of Mankind

Humanity has many mysteries that have not been solved. That several scientists spend their lives studying and cannot reach a definitive conclusion. These mysteries can range from simple objects, or even large constructions, to phenomena until you reach the Mayan calendar (the world did not end on December 12, 2012). All these are the greatest mysteries that have not been answered by anyone until today and it is not known if they will ever have a definitive answer.

10: The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin

If you look from the skeptical point of view, the Turin Shroud is just a piece of linen in which there is the image of a man who appears to have been killed through crucifixion. Now if his gaze departs from the side of religion, the Catholic Church considers that the same is the mantle that covered the body of Jesus Christ after his death and during his burial. The mantle also called the holy shroud, had the marks and expressions of the face of Christ. The whole face is similar to the paintings made centuries ago of the representation of Jesus. It received the name of Shroud of Turin for being stored in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in the city of Turin, Italy.

The shroud has already gone through countless investigations. Even small fragments have been removed for carbon testing to find out the age of the flax. To date, no precise results have been achieved and the mystery continues.

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9: Spontaneous Combustion (Greatest Mysteries)

Spontaneous Combustion (Greatest Mysteries)

The greatest example of spontaneous combustion to date is the case of the death of Jeannie Saffin, who was 61 years old, but her mental age was only 6 years. Jeannie was sitting in the kitchen next to her relatives when, for no reason, she was caught ablaze. According to the doctors who went to Jeannie’s house to help her there was no kind of flame or smoke in the kitchen, and even her clothes were burned low, so the burns were only on her body.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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