10 Guilty Things You Love Doing

When it comes to guilty things, everyone has them! But just because guilty is in the phrasing, it doesn’t mean you should feel too shameful for yours! Whether it’s binge eating pizza when you are on a diet or fantasizing about a crush, guilty things aren’t all that bad! Today we’re discussing 10 guilty things you love doing.

10: Binging on Junk Food but Saying, You’re on a Diet

We live in a society that puts pressure on men and women to be perfect. Because of this, it seems like everyone is on a diet. But sometimes it just feels good to binge on pizza and ice cream even if you say you’re watching what you eat. No, it won’t make you ready for swimsuit season, but it will give you more satisfaction than crouton-less salad.

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9: Being Happy When a Jerk Fails at Life

Pretty much everyone has dealt with someone that made their lives miserable. Whether it was during school or at work, jerks are everywhere and can make everyone around them suffer in their presence. So, when an unpleasant person is failing at life it may bring you a little bit of joy because karma is finally doing its job. Just like you enjoy seeing good people rewarded, it’s equally as pleasing to see unpleasant people get what they deserve.

8: Fishing for Compliments by Insulting Yourself

There are many times that you want people to notice you or give you a compliment. So, you may turn to put yourself down for your friends to lift you back up with their praises. No, it’s not the best way to get a compliment but knowing your friends are there for you when you’re down on yourself is a nice feeling. Just try to keep this behavior in check because people can usually tell when someone is fishing for compliments.

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7: Drinking Alcohol Before 5 PM

For some reason, there is an unspoken rule that people aren’t allowed to drink alcohol until 5 PM. But breaking that rule especially on a weekday can bring a little bit of rebellious satisfaction. If you don’t have any afternoon responsibilities and you do have a designated driver why not enjoy yourself with the drink? Plus. You will probably end up in bed early, which is way better than an all-night Bender where you stay up until 2 AM.

6: Social Media Stalking Anyone and Everyone

From finding someone you’ve only met one time, to look up an ex-social media has made it easier than ever to check in on someone. But sometimes you may find yourself in a weird whole of social media Stalking. In what world do you need to know what the girl from high school’s great aunt is up to? Still, it’s pretty impressive that you were even able to dig that deep. Plus, your detective skills are sure to come in handy when you have to check out potential Tinder dates for you and your friends.

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5: Enjoying Being Hit on While in A Relationship

Number 5 on the list of guilty things you love is Enjoying Being Hit on While in A Relationship. Who doesn’t like to know that they still have “it,” whatever “it” is? Even if you have been in a relationship for years sometimes it can feel like a compliment when a stranger hits on you. This doesn’t mean you’re going to act on it but it does give your confidence a little boost. Plus, it’s even more enjoyable if you get hit on within earshot of your significant other because they will know you are a hot commodity.

4: Saying You’re Busy When You Have No Plans

Everyone needs a little alone time now and then. There is no better way to avoid people and being social than saying you’re busy when you aren’t. No, it may not be exactly honest but that is okay. You’re taking the time to be alone and enjoy yourself doing whatever you want, which may be exactly what you need. The only time this is a problem is if you are always neglecting your friends or relationships.

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3: Spending Your Whole Paycheck on Online Shopping

Staying on a strict budget can be hard and if you have a love for shopping it could be harder. But sometimes having a full online shopping cart feels better than having a full bank account. Plus, you can always make more money. Though it may not be a good way to plan for the future, it’s almost like Christmas when your shipment arrives. And as long as you don’t find yourself in a bind at the end of the month, spending your whole paycheck on online shopping can be a satisfying thing.

2: Calling in Sick Because You Want to Be Lazy

Even when you were young you may have pretended to be sick so that you could lay in bed all day. So, what would change when you are an adult? Sometimes you just need a break from work or school and calling in sick can be your golden ticket. You may feel a little guilty at first but when everyone else is at work. You’ll relish in the fact that you are in bed binging on Netflix.

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1: Fantasizing About Your School or Work Crush

Whether you’re single or in a relationship? There is probably someone from school or work that you have a tiny crush on. Though, you may never act on these feelings you probably can’t help but fantasize about them. So, if you are in bed with your significant other but thinking about someone else, just make sure to keep your little fantasy to yourself. Nothing will kill the mood more than accidentally saying someone else’s name in the bedroom.

So. that’s it for 10 guilty things you love doing. How many of these guilty things do you love doing it? React in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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