10 Secrets To Being A Happy Person

Life likes to throw curve balls and sometimes it seems hard to hit a home run. So, when life has got you down, what can you do to pick yourself back up? Today we are discussing 10 tips to be a happy person.

10: Spread the Joy

One of the easiest ways to be happy is to spread your joy around and let it grow like wildfire. Much like yawning, happiness can be contagious which makes it easy to spread. Extend a helping hand, smile at someone, just do something that makes a positive influence on the world. In return not only will you feel great, but you will also be making others happy with your happiness.

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9: Happy Person Have the Right Attitude

When you have an attitude for gratitude, then nothing can keep you down. Doing something as simple as letting someone know you are thankful for having them in your life can help boost your mood. It has also been proven that keeping a gratitude journal can help keep you happy as well. All you have to do is write down one sentence every day describing something you were thankful for. This will help you count your blessings and keep your life in perspective.

8: Let it Go

It seems like those people over at Disney knew what they were talking about when they wrote “Frozen’s” famous song “Let it Go” because in order to be happy you have to learn how to let things go. Mistakes, worries, and regrets are things that can hold you down and take control of your happiness. You must learn that you can’t change your past mistakes or regrets, nor can you control the things you worry about. Focus on doing the best you can and let go of the things you have no control of.

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7: Happy Person Take Care of Yourself First

Living a selfless life can have its rewards but you also need to make time for yourself. If you don’t take care of your needs, then how do you expect to help others with their needs? Make sure you are exercising and getting enough sleep because both are linked to your happiness. Eliminate people or situations in your life that cause more stress than they do joy. Just do what you need to do to put yourself first and don’t be afraid to spoil yourself every now and then.

6: Get Control of Your Finances

There is a strong link between your personal finances and your amount of happiness. No, money won’t buy you happiness but being in control of your finances can definitely help. It’s hard to enjoy life when you are living in debt or paycheck to paycheck. Though it may be difficult, if you are able to cut back or make sacrifices in order to build a nest egg it might be worth doing. Having a nest egg will help you feel secure and security can help relieve stress over time. It is okay to have some retail therapy every now and then but it’s best to spend your money wisely.

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5: Happy Person Stay Busy

If you want to be a happy person, then you should try turning into a “yes!” person. The happiest people are the ones who keep a busy social calendar and are up for anything. You can start a new hobby or just accept more invites for happy hour. Whatever you do just keep busy and enjoy your time with others. Building a rich social life is fun, rewarding, and essential for a joyful lifestyle.

4: Don’t Compare Your Life

Sometimes it may feel like you’re falling behind in life but that could be because you are comparing your life to others. We are all on our own journey and we start focusing too much on someone else’s journey, you lose the focus of your own. Set goals and work hard to achieve them. You should look to others for inspiration not because you think they have something you don’t. Once you can be excited for other people and their successes, you’ll be happier with your own.

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3: Happy Person Deal with Rejection

It’s something that everyone goes through and it’s never that easy. How someone deals with rejection will show you a lot about their life. If someone takes rejection too personally, it might be a sign that they probably don’t have a lot of self-confidence. Learning to not take rejection personally is very important if you want to be a happy person. Accept rejection and make it something to learn from and then apply it to your future endeavors. The most successful people know that all you need is one “yes” out of a thousand “no’s”!

2: Travel

Traveling not only opens your mind but also helps you build your personal character. Checking out and getting away from it all will help you relax and even improve productivity when you return home. When you travel you can immerse yourself in different cultures and situations, which makes you more knowledgeable about the world around you. It can also help you appreciate what you have and your life back home.

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1: Happy Person Choose Happiness

At the end of the day, the choice to be happy is up to you. It’s how you look at life and respond to problems. If you choose to make the best of it and not become a victim of your situation, then you will be happy. Everyone has setbacks and when you focus too much on the bad things, it’s easy to get discouraged. If you look at life as an opportunity to make the world a better place and lead the best life you can, then you will indeed be a happy person.

So, these were the 10 tips for being a happy person. Are you going to use these tips to become a happy person? React in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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