16 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeffree Star

Today, we’re looking at 15 things you didn’t know about internet star Jeffree Star. We’re not going to talk so much about all the drama and the scandals. Instead, we’re focusing on the business side, the wealth, the numbers, and the money of this highly controversial internet celebrity. He’s a former pop-rock star celebrity, makeup artist, YouTuber, and founder of Jeffree Star cosmetics. He’s a self-made multimillionaire, celebrity, and businessman. So, whether you like him or not? He has successfully reinvented himself into one of the most talked-about people on the internet. His YouTube channel has over 12 Million subscribers. His Instagram as of writing this list sits a tad over 12 Million followers.

He has a 5 Pomeranians, Delicious, Drama, Daddy, Diva and Diamond, and a multimillion-dollar company. His gender, the way he dresses, his love life and his whole life, are all everyone talks about. Although Jeffree is quite private and quiet about all of these things. We’ve uncovered some secrets about him that will make your jaw drop. This guy is not your everyday celebrity. So, we encourage you to leave any preconceived ideas you have about him at the door and maybe expand your understanding of other people.

1: Jeffree Star started out on Myspace with 25 Million Followers

Most people know Jeffree Star, as a prolific YouTuber and cosmetics creator. Real fans will remember the good old days of myspace when he had the most famous profile with over 25 Million followers. Back then, he was still rocking pink hair, a lot of makeup, and his sarcastic attitude that his followers know and love. He leverages that position to launch his music career. Jeffree even launched a music album called “Beauty Killer”. He guest-starred on Kiesha’s video “Take it Off,” which appeared in Good Charlotte’s video for the song of the river and collaborated with Nicki Minaj for the “Lollipop Luxury”.

Some later in his career he signed with Akon, which would have been the biggest achievement of his career, but the timing wasn’t right, and Akon’s reputation began to crumble with criminal accusations and their collaboration never bore any fruit. Jeffree did admit, he still thinks of music come back now that he has all the money and fame to make his dreams come true.

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2: Jeffree Star Owns Multiple Profitable Businesses

Besides owning Jeffree Star cosmetics, a very popular YouTube channel, a shipping business, a merchandise company, and some real estate investment, he also has close ties to the Marijuana Industry. Which is legal in California together with his boyfriend, Nathan. They launched several products related to the marijuana industry such as grinders and they actually grow and sell cannabis buds. In his YouTube videos, he and Nathan smoke marijuana and have admitted being avid consumers of the substance because it appears to help with anxiety and creativity.

Nathan, his boyfriend, is normally not a common presence in the videos but on several occasions when he’s been featured people were noticing that he’s acting spaced out in stone. Because apparently, he’s a huge fan of marijuana as well and he’s the one who introduced it to Jeffree. To honor their love Jeffree made a customized grinder just for Nathan and since the fans loved it so much, they decided to make it a regular. Other celebrities such as Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg or Mike Tyson are also investing in the growing industry which is worth over $30 Billion worldwide so far.

3: He’s Never Tried Alcohol or Hard Drugs

It’s easy to judge someone by the way they look. Surprisingly, to although Jeffree stated multiple times that even though he toured with bands and had rough times. He never ever tried hard drugs or alcohol. He comes from a broken home. His father took his own life when Jeffree Star was only 5, and his mother was never there for him because she was working. He was predestined for failure, so we made a pledge never even to try alcohol, hard drugs or cigarettes. There are a bunch of pictures in which Jeffree is spotted with cigarettes or cocktails with him but as he said he was just posing. Another reason why he’s not into alcohol is that he is against aging and has made it his mission to look young forever.

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4: Jeffree Star Identifies as Androgynous

Jeffree Star is an androgynous person dressed up as a woman, has a straight boyfriend and refers to himself as she. This has sparked a lot of controversy among fans and media because he doesn’t believe in gender and says he’s simply Jeffree and doesn’t like to label people. On his social media account, his bio states that he is androgynous, which means he has both male and female features. His thin figure, colorful wigs, and glam makeup mislead most people, but he’s also mentioned that he likes all the pronouns and doesn’t want to be labeled as a gay male, transgender, etc. He channeled this attitude into his makeup line. Which is very inclusive in everything they do from the campaigns to naming. He’s an open LGBTQ supporter and has befriended other male beauty gurus, like James Charles, Patrick Star or Manny MUA.

5: His Net Worth is Now at $65 Million

Click on any of his videos, and you will be shocked at the display of wealth. He’s living next door to Khloe Kardashian and Travis Barker. He’s got a pink Lambo, a pink Tesla, a pink Rolls Royce, a pink BMW i8, a Mclaren and the Bentley. His closet alone is worth around $50 Million in bags and clothing. It is filled with limited edition high-end bags worth more than the average house. A Himalayan Birkin bag by Hermes is over $100,000 alone. So, how did he get so rich, where is all this money coming from? The short answer is a combination of PR and the cosmetics industry.

Four years ago, he decided to go all-in on makeup pouring all of his savings into a single product line and aggressively to promote it. Anyway, he could, the brand took off due to its unique positioning in the market, and now there are over 100 employees working in 3 warehouses. The cosmetics industry is blowing up right now, and Kylie Jenner is a billionaire because of it. So, Jeffree Star is really doing well apart from that he’s also making around $1.7 million per year from YouTube alone and has been wise enough to diversify his portfolio. Putting all of his revenue sources together, we’re estimating that he’s making around $20 Million per year right now. So, if this trend keeps up his net worth will increase dramatically over the next few years.

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6: Jeffree Star tattooed his entire body to cover up the scars left from cutting himself

Jeffree has a very controversial past trying to make sense of the world around him while being different. The process, of course, is not straight forward, so he ended up doing some self-harm. As he matured, he overcame that state of mind and decided to cover up his entire body with tattoos depicting luxury symbols, religious symbols, and pop culture icons.

In a recent statement, he said he stopped cutting himself 10 years ago, and he’ll never do it again, but the scars remain, and the same goes with his racial comments. There are several videos and comments from the myspace era, where Jeffree lashed out at people using racial slurs which never go away. Celebrities are always reminded of their past and mistakes, and although it’s not fair, it will never stop he’s made atonement videos where he publicly and repeatedly apologizes for his past comments and slurs in the hope of redemption. Even Kim Kardashian defended him saying how people change with time; she should know since her video with Ray J. is still on Pornhub.

7: His 10-year friendship with Kat von D ended with public scandals

Jeffree Star was friends with Kat von D. and had multiple tattoos done by her on his body. Some even estimate them to be worth around $100,000. They have been friends for over 10 years until they both started developing makeup lines and successful businesses as you would expect drama sparked up between the two. Allegations of stealing designs and not paying artists popped up, and they went their separate ways. They both have dirt on each other, and now they tried to throw shade at each other every time. They can see an opportunity; all that drama is doing is to drive up the sales of both of their products, and they know it.

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8: Kylie Cosmetics, Too Faced and other brands hate Jeffree Star

Besides the scandal with Kat von D, Jeffree Star is no stranger to unnecessary drama with other companies and celebrities. He’s been accused several times of being fake, a bad friend and a backstabber by his now frenemies. With the wealth and spotlight, people will try to come into your life for personal profit, and as we’ve mentioned in the past, it’s harder and harder to realize who is genuine and who is not. So, why do other cosmetic brands hate him? Firstly, they all hate each other because at the end of the day they’re all competing in the same arena. Then there are the personal accusations Jeffree claims to be 100% brutally honest in his reviews and not biased about makeup products, which did upset a few people.

Kylie Cosmetics accused him of copying her packaging and ended up removing him from their PR list. Another brand that has an issue with him is Too Faced because Jeffree started exposing Jerrod Blandino the founder, for underpaying Nikkie tutorials and stating false claims about his brand. Recently, he attacked Huda Beauty for copying an ad concept from beauty bakery and not giving credit. He also feuded with Kim Kardashian, after she released her makeup line and had some swatch issues and now they’re not on good terms either. The entire cosmetics industry seems to run on drama, so they’re all going at it.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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