16 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence

Hello, it’s time to take a walk down the red carpet with one of the most amazing and talented actresses in Hollywood today. You guessed it, today we’re talking about Jennifer Lawrence. She is one of the most beloved and respected actresses in the industry. She comes from a small town in Kentucky named Indian Hills where she grew up with 2 brothers and a loving family. Through hard work and perseverance, she quickly became a worldwide name.

Her personality is amazing. The crowds love her, and she can play drama, comedy, adventure and pretty much any kind of role she’s given. She’s never taken acting classes so everything she falls off is pure talent, self-taught techniques and as she’s mentioned her imagination. Her most iconic roles are Mystique in X-Men, Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games or Aurora Lane in Passengers. Of course, there are many other great roles in movies, but you’ve probably seen them already. She’s talented, she’s funny, she’s beautiful but what else is there to know about Jennifer Lawrence? Let’s find out together what it’s like to be an A-list actress.

1: Jennifer Lawrence is One of The Highest Paid Actresses in Hollywood

Hollywood spends a lot of money these days. By now it’s no secret that actors, singers and TV hosts make millions of dollars every year. If they land a big role possibly in a trilogy or TV show they can relax because money is guaranteed to come. If a few awards come down the line or a major sponsorship deals, the fee per movie grows significantly. Jennifer Lawrence is a successful actress now. After a few hit movies and the important awards, she comfortably makes around $24 million per film. Which makes her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. With earning such as hers she’s right up on the top with fellow Hollywood actresses such as Emma Watson, Mila Kunis or Jennifer Aniston. Since she’s also working with Dior and does other sponsorships her financial status is secured for a while yet.

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2: Hackers Leaked Naked Photos of Her

Although she’s been named multiple times as one of the sexiest females in the world and a lot of men and women simply love her. Her body confidence may not be as strong as we think she does have a great silhouette. But she’s not known for doing naked or nude photo shoots or filming explicit scenes. She became the target of some nasty hackers 4 years ago when a series of naked and explicit pictures of her were leaked onto the web from her iCloud account.

Unfortunately, she’s not the only celebrity to have had that happen to her. Selena Gomez, Kate Upton or Rhianna were also victims of hackers leaking naked pictures of them. Although lawyers were involved she didn’t go through with any lawsuits. It was a terrible time for her because as she stated in an interview it was like she lost power over her own body and her privacy.

3: Jennifer Lawrence Trips, Falls and Confuses People at Private Events

Being a celebrity and an A-Lister, Jennifer has to attend a series of red-carpet events and other public meetings. It’s a common practice and a really good opportunity to promote projects, businesses and their personal brand. Most celebrities put in a lot of effort into their appearance. Because when the lights are on everything needs to be perfect, the dress, the makeup and hair, everything. No major malfunctions or poorly dressed moments have happened to Jennifer on the red carpet or in public. But she does tend to be a little nervous and clumsy.

She’s fallen on the red carpet and award ceremonies a few times already. So, by now it’s her signature move. Most people would think this is an embarrassing move and bad for her reputation. But Jennifer has proven to everyone that being human and not taking yourself too seriously can get you very far in life and earn you a lot of sympathy points.

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4: Jennifer Lawrence Was Raised Republican but Hates Donald Trump

Celebrities have a lot of influence and power over the masses. They can successfully endorse projects, products or other people with massive success and great results. That’s why a lot of brands would give anything so that some actors or singers would wear or promote their products. When it comes to elections political endorsement is not enough. Jennifer was raised a Republican but as she grew up her beliefs and support towards the party have changed.

She repeatedly criticizes them for not supporting women’s rights, planned parenthood or equal pay. Although she’s very busy with her acting career she still finds time to support anti-corruption laws. Like most celebrities, she doesn’t agree with Donald Trump. She publicly stated that his election would be the end of the world. In spite of all the hate and negativity, Trump did win the election. But it looks like all of Hollywood is alienated against him.

5: Her Net Worth is $130 Million

The Hunger Games series an Oscar for Best Actress and working with Dior are only a few of the achievements that have brought Jennifer Lawrence millions of dollars. Sources say she was paid $1 million for the first Hunger Games movie. $10 million for the second and $15 million for the third. She also took $20 million for Passengers, $20 million for Red Sparrow, $15 million for Joy and $4 million each for American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook. Also, the 3-year Dior contract settled for $15 million and she’s only 27 years old.

The star is very careful with her spending and habits because she’s learned from her parents the value of money. Even though she has roughly $130 million net worth she’s very frugal with what’s in her bank account. Unlike most celebrities that like to indulge and buy expensive items, cars and clothing Jennifer thinks it’s more important to give back and help others. She has her own charity foundation that helps children charities and hospitals. So far, she’s donated over $4 million to several causes close to her heart.

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6: Jennifer Lawrence Auditioned for Some Major Roles but Didn’t Get Them

Some movies have the best casting. We can’t imagine how famous movies or TV shows would have worked with other actors. Maybe it’s just because we’ve seen in the initial cast and linked every character with a certain person. Changing that would just disturb everything in the galaxy we don’t know for sure. You might have seen her playing strong and different characters. But also, she went for some girly and corny parts just like any other actress but didn’t get what she wanted. She auditioned for Serena van Woodsen part in Gossip Girl but didn’t get it. For Bella Swan in Twilight but didn’t get that one. And for Alice in Alice in Wonderland but of course, also didn’t get that part.

Those movies were indeed better without her, but you don’t always get what you want in life. Although she got upset for not getting some of those roles, especially the Gossip Girl and Alice in Wonderland. She had her fair share of great parts and will sure she’ll get even better ones in the future.

7: People Blamed Her for Chris Pratt’s Divorce from Anna Faris

When a tall blonde and famous actress like Jennifer Lawrence works closely with your husband it’s hard to not think that he doesn’t desire her. If he’s filming a movie with her that involves romantic scenes, it’s definitely a downward spiral. This happened to Jennifer Lawrence when her former co-star Chris Pratt divorced his wife. The only thing is he divorced her 2 years after the movie was shot and she actually didn’t have anything to do with it. They did film Passengers together and had a Twitter prank phase afterwards but nothing more. She was even more surprised to find out about it over the news while visiting Canada. Later after the divorce, Anna Faris published a book in which she addresses the divorce and the rumors of her husband cheating with Jennifer. But apparently, she didn’t believe them either. Final sentence? Not guilty.

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8: Her Famous “Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Star?” Essay Raised Awareness for the Pay Gap

Yes, we mention that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses. She has a net worth of $120 million but she still makes less money than her male co-stars. This issue has been brought up to the public’s attention by a lot of females from the industry and seems to be stirring up a lot of controversies. Not to mention the whole Harvey Weinstein scandals that add even more drama to the issue and the toxic secret world of Hollywood. Now that she’s fully aware of the problem and has addressed it she plans to negotiate better and fight even more for what she’s worth.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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