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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ did not have a political life but is considered the most famous in history. Even if the subject has a great connection to people’s faith? There are aspects of the life of Jesus Christ that are undeniable and are not remembered today. The date December 25 is symbolically remembered as His birth, but there is no concrete evidence. It causes surprises to those who historically seek to know beyond what they teach us. Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jesus Christ.

10: AD (DC) is not Always Related to Anno Domini

Dionysius, the Exiguous, did not get carried away with the idea that lived in 240 AD. As a devout Catholic, I knew AD (table previously used to number years) was related to the Nfrom D Iocletiani with reference to the Roman Emperor Diocletian, a known killer of Christians. And after a long study, Dionysius proposed the use of AD for the year of our God. And to reach that point, decreed the Passover celebration, the birth of Jesus Christ, as 1 AD.

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9: Jesus Christ was not born in 1 AD

There was no total explanation for Dionysius for the determination of Jesus’ birth year. He used it as a reference to the Passover, without complete precision. The Bible leaves clues to the birth of Jesus Christ in relation to the rulers of that age. John the Baptist began preaching in the 15th year. Tiberius succeeded Augustus Caesar in 14 AD, which would mean that he was about 29 years BC. If Jesus was 6 months older than John and began preaching at age 30? Then he must have been born in 3-2 BC of the kingdom of Tiberius Caesar. Even Pope Benedict XVI believed that 1 AD was not accurate. He estimated the date of Jesus’ birth in 7-2 BC.

8: There was Probably a Star from Bethlehem

Throughout history, a bright star appeared through the sky on the day of Jesus’ birth as a sign, the so-called Star of Bethlehem. This is a documented event, and the triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter was in 7 BC, specifically in the constellation of Pisces. There are other occurrences to establish the Star of Bethlehem between the period 7-2 BC.

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7: Jesus Christ was not Born on December 25th

Aspects of astronomy, Jesus Christ was not born on December 25. The date of December 25, with the conception of the child by the Virgin Mary, brings the calculation to the sum of another nine months, resulting theoretically on December 25. Throughout the Bible, there is no detail that can refer to the precise date.

Clement of Alexandria, in his account, set the date of his birth on May 20 in the spring. According to him, the Bible gives clues that there were shepherds dealing with the flock at night when they hear the news of Jesus’ birth. So no, it could be December, in the cold of winter.

The church only recognized Christmas on December 25, 336 AD. The standard explanation is that the early church had to react to the Christmas celebration before the pre-existing pagan feasts. The Romans had their Saturnalia, the ancient winter festival. And the people of northern Europe had their own pagan traditions of the winter solstice. Among the characteristics: parties, gift exchange, houses decorated with vegetation. There are other different claims as to the date of birth of Jesus Christ. But at a minimum, the evidence points to the date as out of the month of December.

6: The Date of Jesus’ Death is Almost Certain

The Bible makes precise reference to when Jesus Christ died on the cross. In Matthew, the statement is that death was on Friday, Easter. Only two dates on Friday at Easter combine with the evidence, which is 30 AD and 33 AD. Among indications, those of the reigns of Pontius Pilate and Tiberius Caesar, make 33 AD, the most probable date, evidencing the fact.

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5: Nazaré Vs. Nazarene

According to the gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ came from Nazareth, so that he was called the Nazarene, hence the term Jesus of Nazareth. And there are discussions as to whether Nazareth was already a city in the time of Jesus. According to the manuscripts of the dead sea, the term Nazarene was designated to those who were part of a sect of Jews connected to the Essenes. And another theory relates Nazarene to the Greek translation for “branch,” from the Hebrew word, and not to Nazareth or Nazarenes.

4: Jesus Christ had Brothers

There are four brothers of Jesus Christ, and at least two sisters, James, Judas, Joseph and Simon. The passage is a point of contention long ago, especially for those who consider the Virgin Mary. There are theories that the brothers may be cousins ​​or children of Joseph, of another marriage. Josephus, a famous historian, quotes the brother of Jesus, James, who according to the Bible was stoned to death. The image shows an ossuary found and dated to AD 63 with the words “James, the son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”.

3: Jesus Christ was Born in a House

The traditional scene reveals baby Jesus, lambs, and three wise men in a kind of barn. At that time, the houses had several floors, the upper with accommodations, and the lower, for the animals to spend the night. And Jesus Christ was probably born on the floor below the house, where animals were kept. And the manger made sense, at that time, to keep the baby safe, in fact, many babies were born the same way in that period.

2: Herod’s Killing

Herod, the governor of Judea, was a madman. When he met the sages, who followed a star who pointed to a great leader and asked him about the child. He decides to kill all the firstborn until 2 years of age. There is no evidence of the massacre but by the behavior of Herod. It would even be common, as it killed the 3 children themselves. And since the town was small, the number of dead children would be small.

1: Jesus Christ Really Existed

The historical record of the life of Jesus Christ does not have so many sources outside the Bible. The best known are attributed to Flavius ​​Josephus, a Jew who quoted Jesus Christ twice in the book “Jewish Antiquities,” some 60 years after his death. And the divinity of Jesus is summed up by faith, but there is no question of the existence of a man called Jesus Christ.

So, that’s it for today’s list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jesus Christ. Do you guys know any other things about Jesus Christ that we don’t know? Let us know in the comments down below.

Written by Jack Sparrow


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