10 Things You Should Never Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States. Las Vegas is The Entertainment Capital of the World and is famous for its mega casino-hotels and associated activities. You can do many things in Las Vegas but here is the list of things you should never do in Las Vegas.

1: Avoid Using the Casino’s ATM in Las Vegas

Do you love gambling? If you do, Las Vegas is probably your place to be! With around fifty casinos’ running around the state of Vegas. This city is no doubt the perfect place to gamble away your money and winning some of course! A little optimism is no harm! Well, what if you finish up your money and wish to gamble more? Yay! We have an ATM in the casino! But No! Stop right there! One must avoid using the ATM’s in the casino’s because it would charge you way more than the ATM outside. Umm, don’t worry you will always have a prompt regarding the charges before making a withdrawal. Therefore, you can always check it and only then use the ATM or we have a simple solution, ‘Take some extra cash with you’!

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2: Avoid Painful Shoes

Hey ladies! This one goes especially for you! If you are in Vegas and want to look your best wearing those pointed long heels, do give it a thought! Trips to Las Vegas demand a lot of sight-seeing and it is barely possible to walk in those uncomfortable shoes. You might have to walk approximately 3-4 miles here! Umm, don’t worry you can definitely wear those pretty ones when heading to a club or a romantic dinner date with your significant other. Though you might feel tired when walking from your car to the restaurant but you can anyway handle it!

3: Avoid Buying Water Bottles from Street Vendors in Las Vegas

When in Las Vegas, you might find a few vendors selling cheap water bottles on the streets. Stay away from them no matter how thirsty you are! It is believed that these vendors tend to refill the bottles with tap water which is not very safe to drink. Most of the time these are not licensed and do not follow any safety protocol. In fact, it is very much illegal to sell these bottles on the streets! So, keep in mind to avoid buying these bottles from the street and go for a $1 Water Bottle from a convenient store!

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4: Don’t Forget to Set a Bar

It is well said, “Excess of everything is bad” so is the case when it comes to gambling. Well, plenty of people wish to visit Vegas with the hope of gambling and a few dollars of course! But what is so worse about this thought? Gambling too much it is! Nobody would love to spend his week in debt in Las Vegas, so it’s better to set a limit while gambling. Setting a bar will always keep you from staking too much and losing too little!

5: Avoid Being Long Hauled in Las Vegas

This one is the most important thing to do when in Vegas. Often the tourists are fooled by the taxi drivers by taking long routes to the desired destination. In order to boost the fares, they take a long haul, and there you are, charged much more than the genuine! So, ever your taxi driver asks you if you have been to Las Vegas before, make sure you answer yes and behave as if you know your way around. Otherwise, simply switch on the navigator on your phone. Mr. Google is always there for you!

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6: Don’t Try Hailing a Taxi on the Strip

If you are thinking of catching a taxi on the strip itself, boy you must stop flying around because you would never find one! It is very much illegal for taxis to stop on the strip! So, either hire a taxi from a taxi stand near you or simply call your hotel to book one for you.

7: Keep your Hands to Yourself in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of fascinating night clubs and is one of the most happening places for the weekends. Inside, you might find some hot ladies entertaining you with their sexy moves. But before entering in there, remind yourself not to touch any of these fabulous dancers because then the security might intervene. The security in these night clubs is very strict with its rules and regulations and would anytime interfere if the visitors tend to tease or touch any of their ladies.

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8: Say no to the Cards

Have you ever met a random person you talked to and he at the end of the conversation gives you his business card? Well, you better stay away from such people when in Vegas. A number of people might come to you offering you their business cards, but remember, these are no business! These might lead you to a place with some unethical activities running in there. So, when flying to Las Vegas, better stay away from these conmen!

9: Dressing Inappropriately in the Clubs

Do you like clubbing? Well, if you do, you must know various clubs have a dress code attached to them. Clubs in Las Vegas also follow such dress codes and anybody coming with hats, sports shoes, torn jeans and sunglasses are not allowed to enter these night clubs and are often called off by the security. So, in order to avoid such circumstances, it’s better to already dress well and abide by the rules of the clubs. Only then can you relish those cocktails and have a nice party time!

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10: Don’t Forget to Tip in Las Vegas

If you are a kind who doesn’t believe in tipping in restaurants, you must change your course and start doing it because the servers in Las Vegas might find it rude if you are not tipping them. The tourism industry is the key to Vegas economy and they long for such tips. So, when in Vegas do not forget to tip the bartender or the waiter!

Has your trip to Las Vegas introduced you to any more don’ts here? Tell us in the comment section below. And while you’re here, check out our other lists and tell us what you think of them.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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