7 Lip Colors and What Does it Say About You

There are many things your face can say about you. How you are feeling, your ethnic background and even your health. Many people don’t think about the color of their lips when it comes to their health. But it may be time to start paying more attention to your smoochers! Today we are discussing what your lip color says about your health.

7: Dark Red or Purple Lip Line

Dark Red or Purple Lip Line

If you ever noticed a dark red or purple lip line you may be suffering from an unbalance of your body’s energy. Which basically means your yin isn’t in line with your yang, and it could be due to your diet. Try eating neutral foods that help restore energy balance, such as rice, potatoes, carrots, fish, apricots and almonds. You should also take a break and get some rest to focus on your health and your food intake. You should also limit any stressful activities during this time. As it can also throw up your body’s natural balance of energy.

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6: Deep Red to Black Lip Color

Deep Red to Black

It may be aesthetically pleasing to have deep red or black colored lips. But your body might be telling you something. When your lips are a darker hue, your body might be craving a detox. This means that your digestive track may be out of whack. You need to detox and fill your body with key nutrients. Cleanse your stomach by eating yogurt, congee and sweet potato. You can also drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon. You should also avoid all processed foods and focus on eating fibre rich veggies and fruit.

Written by Jack Sparrow


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