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8 Luxury Prisons & Expensive Prisons Only The Richest Can Afford


Prison is typically seen as a punishment, not a reward. But the prisons on this list seem more like a vacation! Here are the 8 Luxury Prisons and Expensive Prisons Only the Richest Can Afford!

8: Sollentuna Luxury Prisons

Sollentuna Prison

Number 8 on our list of Luxury Prisons and Expensive Prisons is Sollentuna Prison. Sweden is going through an interesting time where they have to start closing down prisons due to a lack of inmates. As their money is going towards preventing and reducing crime. Sollentuna Prison is no different. It has a full gym, inmates can cook their own meals and enjoy them on their couch while watching television. It seems a lot like living at home, but it still is a prison, meaning you can’t leave. But the accommodations are pretty nice!

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7: Addiewell Expensive Prisons

Addiewell Luxury Prisons

Number 7 on our list of Luxury Prisons and Expensive Prisons is Addiewell Prison. In Scotland, the Addiewell Prison is a bit different from other prisons because it is meant to be a “learning” facility. This means that inmates are rehabilitated and educated on their mistakes that led them to their predicament in the first place. The cleanliness of the prison is pretty nice as well. The decor looks more like an IKEA display with modern décor and furnishings, which makes the inmate more comfortable.

Written by Jack Sparrow


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