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10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India

It’s impossible to say which country is the best in the world. However, a case can be made for some countries just being better than others at least in specific fields. These are the 10 things Pakistan does better than India.

10: Main Battle Tanks

Pakistani combat doctrine is a complex subject that would require more than just a single video to investigate. Generally, Pakistani military command relies on a doctrine known as the “offensive-defensive” doctrine. The following is the general precept of this Pakistani doctrine.

Pakistan is vulnerable to Indian aggression because the majority of its population centers lie very close to Pakistan’s border with India.

India has invested heavily in its offensive capabilities in recent years. counterattacks against Indian forces conducting offensive operations within Pakistani territory would likely prove devastating thanks to India’s superior manpower reserves.

In the opening hours of a war with India, Pakistani and Indian forces would likely be evenly matched during the first 24 hours of conflict. Because Pakistani units have a shorter distance to traverse before reaching their fighting positions.

Pakistan not only has more main battle tanks than India but also superior ones as well. Pakistan has 3010 main battle tanks in its armed forces while India despite being a much larger and more populous nation only has 2874 main battle tanks. Well, it cannot be denied that India’s army is larger. Pakistani military command has realized that warfare is not just about how many poorly trained recruits you can handle a rifle. instead, it’s about the coordination between modern armor and air power. The differences just don’t end there however, Pakistan’s main battle tanks are also arguably superior to India’s. Pakistan has access to Soviet Designed T- 80u 3rd generation main battle tanks. But the mainstay of Pakistan’s armored forces is the Al-Khalid main battle tank.

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9: Nuclear Weapons (Pakistan Does Better Than India)

Number 9 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India are nuclear weapons. Pakistan is one of the nine nations in the world that is trusted by the international community with possession of nuclear weapons. This is a responsibility that Pakistan takes very seriously and is also an area of Pakistani superiority over India. Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal of 120 nuclear warheads all of which are capable of offensive deployment on a moment’s notice. India meanwhile, only has 110 nuclear warheads many of which like adequate delivery systems. Pakistan’s nuclear delivery systems are state of the art traditional Pakistani nuclear missiles have a range of 2500 km. Pakistani nuclear warheads can be deployed either by the Babur class cruise missile or their arsenal of medium-range ballistic missiles.

In the air, Pakistani fighter pilots have extensive training in the “toss bombing doctrine” which calls for elite pilots to perform complex air maneuvers while delivering a nuclear payload. The most impressive element of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, however, is the state-of-the-art Nasser tactical ballistic missile launcher. This missile platform is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. It has been designed to overcome the missile defense system. The Nasser missiles in-flight maneuverability systems are even designed to theoretically defeat the Israeli iron dome system. In the realm of nuclear weapons, Pakistan is no pushover.

8: Covert Operations

Number 8 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India are covert operations. The directorate-general for Inter-Service Intelligence abbreviated ISI is the Premier intelligence service of Pakistan. ISI is operationally responsible for providing critical national security and intelligence assessments of the government of Pakistan. In the late 20th century, the ISI’s covert activities in support of the Afghan Mujahidin against the Soviet Union during the Soviet-Afghan war made the ISI internationally famous. During this war, the ISI worked in close coordination with the CIA. Thanks to the ISI’s activities in Afghanistan, the Mujahidin defeated the most powerful military force in the world “The Soviet Union”.

In September 2015, the former research and analysis wing chief A.S. Dulat said: “the most powerful intelligence agency is either the KGB (which no longer exists) or ISI because so little is known about them”. It is even suspected that ISI successfully hid Osama Bin Laden from the US government for more than a decade. The ISI is so powerful in fact that its critics said that it’s become a state within a state. It is more influential in the Pakistani government itself. Either way in the realm of covert operations India’s accomplishments pales in comparison to Pakistan’s.

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7: Treatment of Women (Pakistan Does Better Than India)

Number 7 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India is the treatment of women. Both Pakistanis and Indians usually acknowledge their respective country’s problems when it comes to the treatment of women. In fact, both countries routinely have abysmal rankings on the United Nations indices relating to the treatment of women and gender equality. However, if you ignore the mass of an endemic issue in both countries there are some areas where Pakistan is slightly better than India. Pakistan was given a rank of 0.541 on the UN’s gender inequality index. Which was a slightly better score than India’s ranking of 0.563?

Pakistan also has a slightly better maternal mortality ratio, which is the number of deaths for every 100,000 live births. Only 170 out of 100,000 births in Pakistan result in the death of the mother. While this number is 190 out of every 100,000 births in India. Another key statistic the UN takes into account is the percentage of seats held in the country’s parliament by women in this area there are key differences. In Pakistan, women hold 19.7% of seats in parliament while in India women only hold 12.2%. Both countries have problems they need to address but it cannot be denied that there are real differences between India and Pakistan in the affirmation fields.

6: Support for Palestine

Whether or not you view support for Palestine is a good thing really depends on which side of the Israeli Palestinian conflict you sympathize with. In the case of supporting Palestine however, Pakistan has been a far greater supporter of their struggle than India. Ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Israel, the two nations have cooperated in military and intelligence ventures. The fall of the Soviet Union only works to pave the way for an Israeli Indians strategic alliance that has persisted to this day. Since then, Indian support for Palestine has been Luke warmed. Although India still recognizes the legitimate aspirations of Palestine, India has given some aid to Palestine over the years as India has no reason to have animosity towards Palestine.

However, this pales in comparison to India’s relationship with Israel. India is the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment. Israel is the second-largest defense supporter to India after Russia. Pakistan meanwhile has been more than resolute when it comes to supporting Palestine. The government of Pakistan has stated that it fully supports the creation of an independent Palestinian state. Pakistan also provides millions of dollars worth of edible and non-edible aid to the Palestinian authorities. More often than not, Pakistan has come to the aid of Palestine during its most desperate times of struggle. For example, the Pakistani Air Force participated in both the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli wars. The Pakistani pilots flying Jordanian and Syrian fighter jets even downing some Israeli planes in the process.

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5: Cities (Pakistan Does Better Than India)

Number 5 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India are big cities. One would think India would have Pakistan beaten when it comes to large cities and population density. If you thought this, you would be mostly incorrect. Pakistan, in fact, has larger cities than India which is very surprising to most people. Of the top 5 most populated cities in the world, the Pakistani city of Karachi comes in at number 2. By extension the second most populated city in the world. Of these rankings, India doesn’t even place in the top 5. India’s closest competitor is the city of Mumbai coming in at a distant 9th place.

4: Sports

Number 4 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India is sports. Pakistan may not triumph over Indian in all manner of sports. But there are quite a few sports where Pakistan just as better. Pakistan is the best-performing country of all time in the field hockey World Cup with Pakistan claiming titles 4 times in the years ranging from 1971 to 1994. The closest competitor of Pakistan in this field is the Netherlands with 3 wins. India meanwhile, is only a distant with just a single win 1975.

In British open squash, Pakistan has 130 championships, more than any other country in the world. As for the world open squash championships, Pakistan has won these 14 times. Which is also more than any other country in the world. In Cricket Pakistan, has also the most wins against India, Pakistan has won 73 and India has won 55 matches.  When it comes to these international sports, India has a lot of catching up to do with Pakistan.

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3: Clean Electricity (Pakistan Does Better Than India)

Number 3 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India is clean electricity. Pakistan Utilizes more clean sources of energy than India. 29% of Pakistani energy comes from hydroelectric installations and another 5.8% of Pakistani electricity comes from nuclear resources. Overall, nearly 40% of Pakistani energy is supplied from either clean or renewable sources. India, on the other hand, is a much different story. 60% of the energy required by India’s massive population is supplied by coal power plants, that have minimal safety and environmental standards. These coal plants have also led to birth defects and health Problems for Indians who are exposed to the cloud smog created by these installations. The situation isn’t all bad for India. However, 20% of India’s electricity does come from clean and renewable energy sources. This, of course, is far less on a relative basis than with Pakistan produces.

2: Poverty Eradication

Number 2 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India is poverty eradication. Poverty is a serious problem for both India and Pakistan. However, Pakistan has come out ahead in recent years when it comes to poverty and providing for its poorest citizens. In 2011, the United Nations report that India had much higher rates of poverty than Pakistan. The report concluded, that 41.6% of India’s population survived on less than a dollar a day. While only 22.6% of Pakistanis suffered from the same situation. India is a slightly richer and more developed nation this has only come with a wider income inequality that is present in Pakistan.

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1: Racism (Pakistan Does Better Than India)

Number 1 on our list of 10 Things Pakistan Does Better Than India is racism. Racism is a topic on everyone’s mind these days and without fail proves to be a fierce realm of disagreement. However, when it comes to racism intolerance Pakistan’s ratings will surprise you. In 2013, a Washington Post article examining data from the world value survey. Only 5% of Pakistanis indicated they wouldn’t want people of another race as their neighbors. India on the other hand, surprisingly came in the highest out of almost every country in the world with over 40% of respondents indicated that they would not like to have neighbors of another race. Either way, this is an area where both countries could stand to improve. It cannot be denied that there is a difference in this category between India and Pakistan.

So, these were the 10 things Pakistan does better than India. If you thought, we were too hard on India, be sure to check out 10 things India does better than Pakistan. In case, if we have missed something, then let us know in the comments down below. Thanks!

Written by Jack Sparrow


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