8 Warning Signals Of A Poisonous Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt something was off? Maybe you didn’t have great communication with your partner or you felt they held you back from growing. These are 8 signs of a poisonous relationship, and they should always be taken seriously.

8: You Jump to Conclusions Early On is a Sign of Poisonous Relationship

There are some people who feel lovelorn from the first date itself. These people are also the ones who cling on to the belief, ‘love at first sight’. Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time. If this is what has happened to you, then you should hold the horses for some time. After the so-called butterflies in your stomach have settled down, take an assessment of the situation. Try to divert your mind if you feel you are obsessed with this person. Make sure you don’t develop this obsession into an unhealthy infatuation.

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7: You Don’t Listen to Everything That Your Partner Says

Whenever you commence with a relationship, be sure you lend a close ear to what your partner says. If the person says he isn’t comfortable with anything, then make sure you pay attention to this. It is an advance warning of something unpleasant. Even if it is said in the most casual tone, you should pay heed to it. If you assume that you will manage it afterward, then you are sadly mistaken. In fact, there could be some trait of yours that could be nagging your partner. So, make sure you eliminate all these bumps in your Poisonous relationship before things start souring.

6: You Sideline Your Friends to Please Your Partner is a Sign of Poisonous Relationship

Now there must have been times when your partner must have complained that you devote a lot of time to your friends. But there are some cases when it is the other way around. You neglect your friends when you are in a Poisonous relationship. Keep in mind that you have to avoid this situation at all costs. After all, your friends are your insurance. Whenever in need or despair, there should be somebody you can reach out to.

There is another thing that you should keep at bay. When you are with your friends, don’t chit-chat about your love interest all the time. In fact, it would be better if you introduced your partner with your friends in the earlier stages of the relationship. Close friends are always able to spot if there is something wrong. You could be too overwhelmed with the ‘love’ and might let something slip by. If your love interest refuses to meet your friends and family, then there could be something seriously wrong, which could prove disastrous later on.

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5: You Start Neglecting Your Interests

You had a life before love cupid’s arrow struck you. You should not set it aside. After all love is supposed to add a new element to your life and not take something away from it. The person you love should not become the cynosure of your existence. A happy and zestful person tends to be a partner whom everybody prefers. It would be burdening for your partner if your happiness depended upon them. So, you should continue with your hobbies, even if that ‘special someone’ has captured your heart.

4: You Ignore the Warning Signals is a Sign of Poisonous Relationship

It is never wise to ignore the warning signals. If your partner’s habits have started to trouble, then don’t back down from pointing that out straight away. However, you should also not expect that your partner should change themselves. After all, it is entirely their own decision. All you need to do is mention the thing that is bothering you just once. Never once should you justify his actions. It may be a past trauma or some peculiarity in his attitude, that may be a root of these issues. But don’t try to be his guardian angel, otherwise, you could end up in deep trouble. Don’t be the victim, be the fighter if this is the case.

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3: You Believe Blindly in Everything Your Partner Says

It is unhealthy if you ignore your partner, but it is equally unhealthy to listen to them way more than the required limit. You should never believe in him or her blindly. Okay, there ought to be some modifications, if somebody finds love in their lives. But that means you are digressing from your true personality. And this is not a good indicator at all. There is a considerable risk of letting your life being run by others. If the relationship is genuine, then this habit might wreck it. If the person you love is a hypocrite, then they are seriously manipulating you.

2: Jealousy Starts Taking Over Every Little Thing is a Sign of Poisonous Relationship

Jealousy is another sign of a toxic and poisonous Relationship. A bad incident in the past should not wreck your future. Everything that your partner does, everything he receives creates a feeling of envy in you, is bad. Whether they are not giving enough time to you, or they receive more admiration than you, these things create resentment in your heart. It’s time you learn how to control your emotions. Nobody can cope with the constant pressure of distrust. And don’t be possessive.

1: You Just Can’t Refuse Your Partner’s Whims

You don’t have to always pamper your partner’s whims. Never force yourself into events that don’t interest you at all. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to say no to events that don’t fit your schedule. If you are doing things to please your partner, then he or she will take you for granted. If refusal offends them, and they take it way too seriously, then it’s better to comprehend that things have started to become noxious.

So, there you have it, 8 signs of a poisonous relationship. Are you a victim of any of those 8 signs of a poisonous relationship? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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