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10 Most Poisonous Snakes in The World

The tropical and Cerrado climate is one of the places with a more predominance of poisonous snakes. They are agile and can easily hide among leaves, stones, and woods. Snakes usually feed on small rodents, but some types of snakes can feed on frogs, lizards and even birds. They only attack humans and large mammals when food shortages occur or when they feel threatened by them. It’s an instinctive defense. When it has its habitat invaded, the venomous snakes itch and inoculate their venom, bringing serious consequences to the victims. Here is the list of the top 10 most poisonous snakes in the world.

10: Royal Snake (Ophiophagus Hannah)

Royal Snake (Ophiophagus Hannah)

The Royal Cobra (King Cobra) is one of the longest poisonous snakes in the world, with the length of up to 5.85 meters. Despite the similarity, it is not a subgenre of the Cobra. It has a narrow, longer hood. The snake is found in almost all of Asia, especially in India, where it is the national reptile. In India, it is common for snake charmers to challenge life with Royal Snakes, without removing poisons or prey. And it was in this cultural activity that many accidents were recorded. The mortality rate is about 50% to 60% if no antidote is treated. There are hospital records reporting 10 deaths from the 35 patients received by Cobra Rei bites.

Toxicological studies report the lethal dose of venom of 1.93 mg/kg. A little high compared to other snakes in this selection, but the Royal Snake is a species that prefers to kill with only one bite. It delivers a high amount of venom per bite, something between 200 and 500 mg (average 420 mg). If you consider all the venom it yields (1 ml max), it can kill 11 adult humans or 45,830 rats. That would be enough to kill an elephant in a few hours.

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9: Death Adder (Acanthophis Antarcticus) (Poisonous Snakes)

Death Adder (Acanthophis Antarcticus)

The ninth snake would be the Death Adder, which would be a species found only in Australia and also in New Guinea. It is one of the poisonous snakes with a 50-60% mortality rate if left untreated. Unlike other snakes, they do not distance themselves from humans and are reluctant to sting, unless they are touched. Should this occur, the victim will know the fastest boat among all species of snakes in Australia. She is able to attack, sting and poison her victim, and return to her initial position in less than 0.15 seconds.

Studies with rats, the standard for toxicology, indicate that the lethal dose is 0.4 mg/kg. And their average bite can inject from 70 to 236 mg. His specialty is hunting and would also have the ability to kill other snakes. To identify it, it is necessary to know the vipers, since they are quite similar since it has the head in triangular format and a small and flat body.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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