10 REAL Stories Behind Popular Internet Stars

The internet and social media have greatly changed the way that we go about our lives. News, gaming, and even celebrities have forever been changed. In fact, while today we are used to seeing celebrities come and go thanks to this popular form of communication, it can make famous people rather disposable. After all, where are some of the earliest celeb’s who got their fame thanks to the internet? As you’ll see, some of moved on to more “normal” lives while others are still desperate to extend their “15 Minutes of Fame”. Here are 10 real stories behind popular internet stars.

10: Patricia Krentcil

Patricia Krentcil

In 2012 this New Jersey mother made headlines when she got caught trying to sneak her daughter into a tanning salon. Now, is the time people were probably wondering how a piece of bacon could give an interview. Well, that was actually “Patricia Krentcil” who was quickly labeled “Tan Mom” and became an instant internet celeb and meme. Today “Tan Mom” is no longer Tan. No, the 47-year-old has turned in her harmful tanning booth and replaced it with regular injections of Botox. Because that’s better.

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9: Antoine Dodson (Popular Internet Stars)

Antoine Dodson (Popular Internet Stars)

Number 9 on the list of popular internet stars is Antoine Dodson. In 2010 we were being told to “Hide Our Kids” and “Hide Our Wives” by internet celeb Antoine Dodson. The interview given to a local Alabama News Station following a break-in in the area quickly went viral and an auto-tuned version of the interview became popular as well. The fame quickly faded but Dodson may be close to breaking back into the headlines. He is set to appear in “Airplane Mode”, a movie about the internet and social media stars who are all stuck together on a passenger plane.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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