10 Most Popular Weight Loss Scams

The health and beauty industries are flooded with weight loss products that promise to do everything from speeding up your metabolism to removing unwanted cellulite. Although they may seem genuine, many are just money-grabbing cons. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Here are the 10 most popular weight loss scams.

10: The Skinny Pill

The Skinny Pill Popular Weight Loss Scams

One of the most popular weight loss scams of them all, skinny pills promise to boost your metabolism and block the absorption of fat, calories, and carbs, shedding off extra weight without any dieting or exercise. Many are advertised as 100% all-natural, which means the weight loss claims are not examined for accuracy by the FDA. Even if they did work as they say they do, the effects could be pretty dangerous. The bottom line? Stay away and don’t waste your money.

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9: Juicing


The marketing and advertising behind juice cleanse are incredibly impressive and so it’s no wonder that people are quick to fall for this scam. You’re supposed to live off juices for anywhere from several days to several weeks, with the guarantee of weight loss and body detoxification. The truth is, juicing your fruits and vegetables is no better than eating them whole. In fact, it actually removes essential nutrients that your body needs to function. Although you may lose weight from only drinking juice, it’s not effective as you put it all back on when the cleanse is over. Plus, it’s crazy expensive.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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