10 Signs You Have a Psycho Boyfriend

You might think you can spot a psychopath at 10 paces, but the warning signs are actually very surprising. Here is the list of 10 signs you have a psycho boyfriend.

10: He’s So Charming

Charm is good, right? Not in the case of a psychopath. One of the first warning signs he’s a psycho is his super human ability to tell you exactly what you want to hear. psychopaths can read you like a book and will serve up flattery at a staggering rate. This is the love-bombing of the idealization stage and he’ll try every trick to get you hooked on him. It’s intense and it’s all of this attention and affection that will keep you in his grip, long after he suddenly switches it off.

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9: Psycho Boyfriend is Your Soul Mate

The smooth-talking psychopath can’t feel real love, but he can do an excellent job of making you think he’s fallen hard for you and that the two of you are made for each other. His charm masks his true character and convinces you that you’re so alike. He’ll act as if he has the same interests, experiences and values as you. He “mirror” you back, as he doesn’t have his own identity to present. He gets too serious too soon, but he’s already convinced that you are soul mates.

8: He’s Great in Bed

Psychopaths create an incredibly strong, psychopathic bond in order to later manipulate you and this includes in the bedroom. A psychopath is totally focused on giving you everything you want, to draw you into his web. He’ll do everything he can to give you pleasure. It’s all part of his plan to get you totally hung up on him but you might notice that it’s more about his ego and intimacy between the two of you. He’ll suddenly stop, leaving you begging for more.

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7: Psycho Boyfriend is So Much Fun

You’ll never have had such an amazing time. He’s always on the go and can’t bear to be bored. So, your life will be full of adventures. This seems like a lot of fun, to begin with. He’s always upbeat and claims that nothing gets him down. Since psychopaths have no anxiety and no conscience. This is probably true in part but if he insists, he’s always happy, that’s a red flag.

6: He’s Full of Tall Tales

Psychopaths are excellent talkers. They open up fast and divulge their personal life in record time and this draws out your inner most secrets too. He’s quick to tell you his life story and fascinating past but some of his tales sound a bit too far-fetched to be true. His grandiose stories don’t always stack up and can sometimes come across as exaggerated. You might discover inconsistencies when you dig a bit deeper into his claims of past successes.

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5: Psycho Boyfriend Makes You Feel Sorry for Him

Some of these grand stories will also involve pity plays. Early on, he will probably talk about his past injustices or how his ex-treated him badly. These tales can be pretty extreme. He might suggest that he’s been mistreated various times. It’s all an attempt to draw you in and get your sympathy. He could also go down the route of injuries and illnesses to ramp up the pity factor. Pay close attention to the details, as his excessive experiences might not quite ring true.

4: Psycho Boyfriend Gives You the Silent Treatment

After he’s got you hooked in the idealization phase, he will begin to turn. This is the start of the ‘devalue’ phase. It could begin with the silent treatment or he might disappear for a few days. This will be presented like it’s your fault but actually, he could be on the prowl for his next victim already. You might start to feel like he’s not quite so perfect after all.

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3: He Tries to Make You Jealous

All of that hard work that’s gone into making you fall deeply for him is now going to be used against you. Once a psychopath has got you obsessed with him, he will turn the tables. He’ll put away and start the ‘triangulation’ phase. This tactic is designed to make you feel jealous. He might do this by bringing his ex into the picture or a female friend. He will make sure you know he’s in demand and that you had better do what he wants in order to keep hold of him.

2: Psycho Boyfriend Drops You Suddenly

After all that attention, flattery and intense connection, it seems impossible he could drop you, just like that but a psychopath will do exactly that. Once he’s gone through the ‘devalue’ stage, the next step for him is the ‘discard’ phase. He no longer needs you, so you suddenly mean nothing to him. It’s hard to believe, but he already has moved on to his next target. While you are still reeling at the news it’s over. He won’t feel guilt or compassion about what he’s done.

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1: He Tries to Win You Back

Once you’ve accepted, its ended and made it clear to him you’re through, he might well do an about turn. If a psychopath thinks you’re over it, he’ll do everything he can to pull you back in. This is called the ‘hovering’ stage. That’s because like the vacuum cleaner, he’s trying to suck you back into his life. Outcomes all of the charm, the attention and the flattery once again. It’s only because he doesn’t want you to move on with your life. The best way to react is to cut all contact.

That’s the end of 10 signs you have a psycho boyfriend. How many of these signs do you recognize in men you’ve known? React in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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