10 Signs You Have a Psycho Girlfriend

We’ve all seen depictions of crazy girls on TV but just how accurate are they. From always playing the victim, to being jealous of everyone you talk to, there are a few red flags you should look out for. Today we’re discussing 10 Signs You Have a Psycho Girlfriend.

10: Uncomfortable Staring

She stares at you nonstop and you can be anywhere, and you feel her eyes on you. While it was cute at the beginning of the relationship, it’s starting to get creepy. If a girl you have been dating for a while watches your every move, it’s probably because she’s possessive. She’s making sure you aren’t talking to anyone or stepping out of line. Only psychos are this insecure and their mental state isn’t worth the trouble of dating.

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9: Always A Victim

She always seems to have a bad day because something didn’t go her way, or someone hurt her. She never takes responsibility for her life because she’s the victim of her situation. When a girl acts like this, it’s because she has no sense of responsibility in her life and blames others for her shortcomings. She always plays the victim card because it’s easier for her to deal with than actually sorting out her life. Run far away from this girl because soon you’ll be the one, she tells everyone has ruined her life.

8: Psycho Girlfriend Has No Friends

She either never talks about having friends or she has a new BFF every week. Either one is a sign your girl is a whacko. If she never has any girlfriends, it’s for a reason. Normal girls don’t put up with having crazy girls as friends. They don’t want the drama and it isn’t worth it. If she always has a revolving door of BFF’s, it’s because she can make friends easily. When they catch on to her crazy, they dump her, just like you should.

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7: Social Media Control

Not only does she make sure everyone on social media knows you’re together, but she also has all your passwords. She told you she was only going to use them in case of emergency, but you keep seeing changes to your profiles. Maybe she’s responded on your behalf or maybe she’s deleted a few of your friends, either way she is crazy. Crazy people want to control the people they’re close to and by controlling your social media, she’s keeping tabs on you. If she suggests you should have a shared Facebook account for no reason, it’s time to pack your bags.

6: Psycho Girlfriend Has Wrecked Apartment

You go to her apartment and there’s trash everywhere and it doesn’t seem like she’s cleaned in weeks. There is old food on dishes next to the sink and laundry is flung everywhere. A good rule of thumb is, “messy apartment, messy life,” which means if her house is a mess, her mind is probably a mess too. When someone is able to live in such filth, they are either really immature or have some real mental issues. Women are known to be caregivers and nurturers but if she can’t take care of herself, it’s a big red flag.

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5: Psycho Girlfriend is Attention Craver

Everywhere you go she blossoms into the life of the party. She can make friends easily and have a blast doing so. If someone there is upstaging her, the night takes a dramatic turn. Crazy girls love being the center of attention because it strokes their ego. They want everyone to like them but if someone steals her spotlight it won’t be pretty. Chances are she will immediately shut down or she will find a reason to attack that person. Psycho girls live for drama, so she might actually enjoy her bad behavior.

4: Psycho Girlfriend is Extreme Liar

She’s made up stories to get your attention or faked a pregnancy when you broke up with her. She even got mad at you for not believing her when you have proof she was lying. Only the most toxic people will make up radical stories for attention. If your girl has done anything like this, she has a few screws loose. If she’s willing to lie about a fake car accident, who knows what else is up her sleeve? Do yourself a favor and cut the cord after the first time she pulls an extreme liar stunt.

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3: Calls More Than Once

You’re out with friends and you look at your phone only to find you have 16 missed phone calls in the past 20 minutes. You also see you have 10 angry text messages from her as well. She is so crazy that you can’t let 2 minutes go by without calling you again. She has worked herself up into a frenzy thinking you’re ignoring her because you’re out with a girl. Normal girls don’t do this. In fact, they would be embarrassed by this behavior. Address this red flag immediately or move on all together.

2: Psycho Girlfriend Gets Angry Over Small Things

You didn’t call her back fast enough or you talked to someone she doesn’t like, whatever it is it’s trivial. Yet she still gets worked up over it as if she’s watched you cheat on her. Crazy girls get angry over the smallest things and there is no reason for the drama. Not only does it get way out of hand, but it could be dangerous. As soon as she starts getting physical or you have to call 911, run as far away as you can because you’re dealing with a psycho.

1: Psycho Girlfriend is Crazy Jealous

Whether it’s your time, friends, family or an ex-girlfriend, she finds a way to make you feel bad about what you are doing. If you want to see your friends or family, she gets mad that you don’t want to be with her. If you’re still friends with your ex-girlfriend, she will think you’re sleeping with her. You could just order food from a nice waitress and she’ll think you’re cheating. She has serious trust issues and is jealous of anyone that gets your attention or your time. Unless you want her to control your whole life, you should end the relationship immediately.

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Written by Jack Sparrow

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