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10 Things Rich Couples Can Do Together

Welcome back! it’s nice to see you here again as our family keeps growing. Ever wondered what the rich couples in the world do? Where do they go on dates? What do they eat? What are some of the things they do together? Well, we talked to some of our friends and put together a list. As you know our website is the go-to destination for luxury content on the web and in this list, we’re looking at 10 things rich couples should do together.

10: Rich Couples Can Jet-Set Around the World

This is probably the most popular choice among rich couples. You don’t even have to pack because you’re going to be buying things you need once you get there. Rich couples love exploring the world and what better way to learn about all the amazing cultures and spending some time there.

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9: Rich Couples Can Stay in The Most Expensive Hotels in The World

If you’re traveling the world, might as well enjoy your stay to the fullest. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t love to spend the night in the Presidential Penthouse at the Four Seasons in New York or spend a weekend at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua or book a cave suite in Santorini. The options are limitless if you have the money PS be sure to check out our most expensive hotels in the world list after this one. The prices are shocking.

8: Rich Couples Can Rent an Island

Rent an island and escape the world for a while. If you’ve recently discovered our website you might not be familiar with our older lists. We have a tour of the most expensive island to rent in the world. Musha Cay the island is owned by American magician David Copperfield and it will cost you $39,000 per day with a 4-night minimum.

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7: Rich Couples Can Throw a Yacht Party

If you’re not in the mood for renting an entire island, you might consider renting a large yacht and throwing a party with some of your friends. Places like Monaco, Virgin Islands, Marbella, Ibiza at Capri or Saint Tropez as our favorites for sailing the open sea and spending quality time away from everybody. Also, whatever you do on a yacht with your friends stays on a yacht. So, these parties get very interesting, we’ll let you guys figure it out.

6: Rich Couples Can Fine Dine in The Most Expensive Restaurants

Fine dine in the most expensive restaurants or have a meal specially prepared by a world-renowned chef. Food will never taste the same after you had sushi at Saito in New York or enjoy some new-age food at Noma. It would take us a couple of hours to list all the restaurants we recommend around the world. We might do a list on that soon; the thing is money will elevate your taste level and will change the way you look at food. PS Osteria Franciscana in Modena, Italy is 2016’s best restaurant in the world, so might want to add it to the list.

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5: Rich Couples Can Go on A No-Limit Shopping Spree

If you’re rich enough, you don’t need to look at the price tag. You know why the average person find shopping boring or tiresome because they’re poor. Lacking resources takes away the fun of buying whatever you want. Imagine taking your special someone on a trip to London’s most exclusive shops or fly to Milan and spend some money there. Speaking of shopping and food we were in Milan just a couple of weeks ago and we had to eat at Savini, the oldest restaurant in the Emmanuel Galleries, definitely recommend you drop by if you get the chance.

4: Rich Couples Can Learn Skills Together from World-Class Trainers

One of the things every couple should do is try to grow from all points of view. Getting financially educated from some of the best mentors’ money can buy, learning the tango from an Argentinian legend, discovering inner peace with a mediation guide in Tibet, are some of just the options where rich couples can opt to.

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3: Rich Couples Can Get A Small Part in A Movie or TV Series

If you’ve got the money and the connections, how cool would it be to see yourself on TV? It’s a pretty great legacy item. This is something even people with lower income levels can do if the connections are there, they’re always looking for extras.

2: Rich Couples Can Have the Perfect Wedding

A while back we rank the most expensive wedding venues in the world. If you’re rich and looking to get married that’s a great place to start. I know she wants her wedding to be the most memorable day of her life and having the budget to make her wish to happen will set you off on the right foot.

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1: Rich Couples Can Get Involved in A Cause and Really Help the Poor

If you really want to help, don’t donate the money, by the time all the salaries are paid. There’s little that ends up with those in need. We recommend that in your travels, you visit the lesser tourist places, learn about the suffering of others and do something about it. The rich couples should have enough resources to build a school in an underdeveloped country or help with village access water or electricity. You wouldn’t believe how far $40,000 can go in some of these places. That’s how much a small private jet cost, just to refuel.

Bonus Fact:

It’s a recommendation if you haven’t seen Casey Neistat’s video on what a first-class ticket on Emirates looks like, you definitely should. There’s even an option for couples and that’s the way of joining the mile-high club.

If you had the money, how would you spoil your loved ones? Would you pick one of these things on a list or come up with your own? We will be in the comments joining the conversation. Thank you for spending some time with us.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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