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10 Richest Women In The World

Welcome back to another in-depth look into the lifestyles and motivation of millionaires worldwide. In this list we’re taking a look at the richest women in the world. It may be men who hold all the top spots on the Forbes rich list. But some of these women are hot on the tails and earning some absolute eye-watering sums. So, as we celebrate sister’s doing it for themselves, independent women and some very lucky heiresses. Let’s take a look at just who are the top 10 richest women in the world. Let’s see what we can learn from them. Personal riches are an amalgamation of income, property ownership, marriage connections and companies owned. All these net worths are as of 2019. So, let’s not waste any more time and ladies be prepared to be inspired.

10: Maria Franca Fissolo – Net Worth $1.8 Billion

Maria Franca Fissolo – Net Worth $1.8 Billion (Richest Women)

Who would have thought the manufacturing of chocolate could make you so much money? Well, Maria’s marriage to Michael Ferrero did just that. Maria is one of the richest women in Italy, after inheriting the Ferrero SPA company. Following her husband’s death in 2015, Maria now lives in Monaco leaving her son Giovanni to run the company just as his father did.

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9: Iris Fontbona – Net Worth $14.3 Billion

Iris Fontbona – Net Worth $14.3 Billion (Richest Women)

Iris Balbina Fontbona González was born in 1942 in Chile. Due to her marriage to the now-deceased Andrónico Luksic Abaroa, who founded the Luksic Group is now a very wealthy woman. Following his passing Iris went on to inherit his great wealth. But that’s not to say she didn’t help her husband amass his empire. Fontbona is quite the business woman herself, her achievements include turning the business into the second-biggest bank in Chile. She has the biggest brewer in the world, manager of the largest copper mines in the world and controlling the world’s largest shipping company. So, while marriage may have given Iris the step up, she certainly did her part in creating such personal wealth.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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