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10 Most Romantic Destinations For A Honeymoon

It’s time to talk about traveling and honeymoon options. If you’re looking for ideas or luxurious places to go for your honeymoon, then keep on reading because we have the rundown on the most romantic destinations.  Weddings are amazing and kind of tiring. So, a honeymoon after the party is over can be more than welcome for newlyweds that need a few days to cuddle up and relax. So, that they can start their life together as husband and wife properly. Honeymoons and romantic tourism makes money each year even though most of the money goes into the planning of the wedding party.

The honeymoon is also on the list and most couples choose exotic locations. So, it can end up costing quite a bit. In the USA alone, an average of 2.4 Million weddings are officiated every year and some marry more than once, therefore more than one honeymoon. Most couples spend around $8000 to $10,000 on their honeymoon. When they get there, they might indulge a little with fancy dinners and trips. Because it was planned for at least 4 months ahead of time. So, the excitement is at maximum levels. If you’re planning your honeymoon or a romantic trip, then have a look at these 10 romantic destinations where you can be as lovey-dovey and romantic as you want to be with your significant other. To make the most of it keep all these tips in mind that we’ve dug up for you, here we go.

10: Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy - Romantic Destinations For A Honeymoon

Most Italian cities have romantic destinations, full of history and good but somehow Venice is the most visited and well known in the entire country. Why is that? The whole city breathes romance, kisses in the gondolas, old historic squares, and canals where you can get lost late at night. It’s the city where couples thrive and reignite that flame especially if you’re visiting during the spring and summer. Since you’re on your honeymoon usually for a week-long besides the whole sightseeing, pizza, wine, and gelato.

You might think of other great things, like watching a ballet performance at the La Fenice theater or enjoying the perfect date night at the Algiubagio Venezia, which is the most luxurious restaurant that also offers a waterside terrace for privacy and full romance. If you’re the “stay in bed all day” kind of couple and probably get jet-lagged then up for the Aman Hotel a 16th-century building, which is the most luxurious property in the entire city. It’s lavish, bourgeois and very comfortable, plus it has a canal view.

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9: Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

80% of Honeymooners used social media to research their romantic destinations. In the last year, Southeast Asia has been seeing a huge wave of tourists, especially in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Apparently, Bali seems to be looking like the best place since most people choose to go there and enjoy the jungle, exotic fruits, and infinity pools. Bali is amazing, different, and not very expensive. The Alila Villas Uluwatu, offers exquisite VIP services, private pools, breakfast in bed, spas, and everything you could ever think of.

Beaches, lagoons, and elephant sanctuaries, all make Bali the perfect place where you can reconnect with yourself and your husband or wife, while also making the best memories together. With the islands’ being quite big you can decide what kind of honeymoon you want? One where you hike and scooter around or one where you relax and enjoy every cocktail and sunset or both.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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