10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

Teachers are just like us, they go to grocery stores like us, and they even get fired from jobs like us. Sometimes it’s because the schools they work for are stupid. Other times it’s because the teachers themselves do something incredibly dumb. From twerking for a Birkin to assembling a drug ring, these are 10 school teachers fired for stupid reasons.

10: P0rn Star

P0rn Star - School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

In early 2016, the University of Manchester in England found out that one of its professors have some interesting extracurricular activities. After a very stressful divorce 10 years ago, engineering professor Nicholas Goddard decided to take up a second job as a p0rn star. The Oxford-educated Goddard had been a chemical engineering teacher for nearly 25 years. But when the University of Manchester found out, they suspended him while they investigated the issue. Goddard is over 60 years old and has starred in dozens of films with girls 40 years younger.

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9: School Teachers Fired for TMI Facebook Pic

Technology can get the best of us, and this teacher went through everyone’s worst Facebook nightmare. The football coach and teacher from Maine thought he was sending a photo to his girlfriend, but wound up posting a fully nude photo of himself on his public profile. To make matters worse, he didn’t even catch it right away. One of the parents of a football player he coached saw the picture and reported it. The teacher beat the school to the punch, and decided to let himself go, and probably moved to another state entirely.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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