10 Signs A Guy Likes You

Today we are disclosing the list of 10 signs a guy likes you.

10: Eye Contact

Is the guy is making eye contact with you or looking in your direction a lot? There is a good chance he’s interested. Shy guys will try to secretly look at you when they think you aren’t watching. But more bold guys will tend to keep eye contact when they’re into you. If you are around other people and you catch him looking your way when you glance over at him? That’s good signs a guy likes you and he’s checking you out. Another way to tell if he likes you? If after he tells a joke in a group of people, he looks your way to make sure you’re laughing.

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9: He Compliments You (Signs A Guy Likes You)

Guys aren’t known to just dish out compliments for no reason. So, if a guy compliments your appearance, it’s probably because he likes what he sees. Compliments are a way for him to let you know that he notices you and wants you to feel good. The worst thing you can do at this moment is to not accept the compliment. Unless he’s making you feel uncomfortable. If he takes the time to genuinely compliment you, or your appearance, it’s a pretty clear sign he likes you.

8: Playful Flirting

Number 8 on the list of 10 signs a guy likes you is playful flirting. Do you remember boys pushing girls or playing tag on the playground when you were little? Most of the time they did this because they had a crush on you and that’s just how they showed it. Not many changes over the years but guys do get less violent when they’re flirting. If a guy is playfully touching or flirting with you? He’s probably trying to let you know he thinks you’re great and is comfortable getting playful with you.

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7: He Notices the Small Things (Signs A Guy Likes You)

Did you get a haircut, change your make-up, or maybe got new clothes? If so, and a guy notices, there is a good chance he likes you. When men like someone they paid attention and noticed the small details. It’s even better if the guy compliments you on your new change of appearance because this means he’s trying to get closer to you. If you are interested and want him to know, just be receptive to signals.

6: He’s Nervous

Does he show signs of being nervous like sweaty palms, being fidgety, and nervously laughs when you’re around? If a guy isn’t attracted to someone? Then there is no reason for them to be nervous. But as soon as someone they like walks in? He immediately puts pressure on himself to make a good impression. So, if you notice him being a little odd or a little shy? It’s probably because you make him nervous and he just wants you to like him back.

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5: Body Language (Signs A Guy Likes You)

There are several things a person’s body language can give away. And when a guy likes you? There are subtle clues his body will be telling you. You can start by looking at his eyes if his pupils are dilated and his eyebrows are raised. It means he likes you and is interested in what you are saying. When you’re talking, if he leans towards you? It means he finds you fascinating and is trying to get closer even if he can hear you perfectly fine. If you are out together and he sits with his legs wide open? It may mean that he’s willing to put himself out there and get to know you. If he does choose to cross his legs? Make sure you notice which way they’re crossed because if they are towards you, then you are the girl he wants.

4: He Initiates

Number 4 on the list of 10 signs a guy likes you is that he initiates. From calling, texting, and making plans, if the guy keeps initiating conversation chances are, he likes you. If a guy likes you, he won’t just disappear for days at a time. That would lead to too much space for someone else to come in and sweep you off your feet. If a guy wants your time, he will take the time and initiate conversations and dates.

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3: Remembering the Details (Signs A Guy Likes You)

If you have had several conversations with the guy and he remembers a small detail like your cat’s birthday, that is a huge sign he likes you. What other guy will take the time to remember the small things unless they’re trying to impress you? The same is true if a guy asks you a lot of questions, this guy’s trying to get to know you and get close to you. When guys like a girl, they actually listen to what they say. He will remember what you say and don’t be surprised when he buys your cat a Birthday present.

2: The Boyfriend Quiz

Have you ever been out somewhere, and a stranger struck up a conversation with you? Usually, it doesn’t take too long until they start bringing up if you have a boyfriend or not. When a guy wants to know your status, there is a good chance he’s interested and wants to know if he has a chance. Most of the time, guys won’t take it any further if they know a girl isn’t available. So, make sure if you’re interested you let him know you’re single.

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1: He’ll Tell You (Signs A Guy Likes You)

This is probably the easiest way to tell the guys interested; he will just let you know. You may think guys like to play games, but when they really like someone, it won’t be a secret. A guy who is worth your time will make his intentions clear in the beginning and if there’s a chance for a relationship, he won’t hold back. So, if he’s feeling butterflies or thinks you are perfect girlfriend material, there’s a good chance he will be vocal about it.

There you have it, 10 signs a guy likes you. Are there any signs he likes you that you may have missed? React in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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