10 Terrifying Theories about Human Existence

Was the universe simply an accident, or the human existence purposely formed? In this list, we have highlighted the 10 terrifying theories on human existence. Some are theories about the meaning of life. While others are about phenomena related to human existence and the forces around humans. Unfortunately, all these theories only introduce new questions.

10: Solipsism (Terrifying Theories)

Number 10 on the list of terrifying theories on human existence is Solipsism. Deeply rooted in philosophy, solipsism is a theory that states, nothing in this world is real, or can be confirmed as real except the existence of one’s own mind. Basically, what they say is, all that is known, and everything around the individual is nothing more than an invention of one’s own intricate imagination.

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9: Brain in a Tub

This mental experiment is closely linked to solipsism, with some simple modifications. In theory, it describes a scenario in which the brain would be suspended in a container with a liquid that gives it vital support. Their neurons are wired to a supercomputer, that provides them with electrical impulses identical to the ones that brains naturally receive. The only things people can realize are within their own consciousness. If this sounds exactly like the Matrix, well, it’s because the Matrix movies were really based on the “brain in a tub” theory, as if everyone is only dreaming this life out of glass tubes.

8: Phenomenalism (Terrifying Theories)

Number 8 on the list of terrifying theories on human existence is Phenomenalism. Phenomenalism basically states that everything and everyone only exists if it is possible to see, perceive, or understand them. Simply, nothing is happening outside the scope of one’s personal point of view.

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7: Human DNA is Encoded with Alien Signature

According to Vladimir I. ShCherbak of Kazakhstan’s Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, people have been searching everywhere in the wrong for alien life. In reality, people are the aliens, and every proof of a higher species is within the very DNA of people. These scientists claim that they have discovered a clever signal inside human DNA, known as “biological SETI”. What this means is that human DNA is made up of “arithmetic and ideographic patterns of symbolic language.”

6: Human Reality is a Computer Simulation (Terrifying Theories)

In one of his most controversial studies, theoretical physicist S. James Gate claims to have discovered computer code within the equations that people use to describe the known universe itself. Not just any computer code, but error correction, binary, linear, and double auto-block code. Basically, he seems to have proven that deep in the nucleus of the universe are “intelligent” lines of 0s and 1s.

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5: The Multiverse Theory of the Parallel Universe on Human Existence

All people heard the word “multiverse” in science fiction films, but what is it really? There is a theory that states that the universe is just one of many that exist within a giant, primary universe. That is, from where the notion of many universes with different life forms arise. The bubble-verse is where each universe is born and is destroyed within a certain amount of time. That is, the Big Bang basically happened when the “bubble” formed, and the entire universe would collapse upon itself when the bubble burst. The parallel universe, however, is undoubtedly the most interesting. There are not an infinite number of universes going hand in hand in the plane. Each of them carries a version of all people, with minor or major differences.

4: The Future has Already Happened (Terrifying Theories)

Number 4 on the list of terrifying theories on human existence is about the future. In 2011, Dr. Daryl J. Well of Cornell University launched a controversial study titled “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anthropogenic Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affection.” This experiment was done to prove precognition. Dr. Daryl believes that there is a flow of information being transmitted from future events that people can not physically or biologically prove yet.

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3: Humans Share Reality with Superior Beings

Imagine if people shared this world with beings of other dimensions. Or better yet, imagine if the world is connected in such a way that people are only able to understand 3D structures. While other beings exist in a 4D reality and are able to see humans at their advantageous angle. Are they studying humans, watching, or just coexisting alongside people?

2: The Logos, According to Plato (Terrifying Theories)

There is no one better in philosophy than Plato, so it is interesting to see what he has to say about human life and existence. Plato states that the human world, human reality, and everything in this universe is only a shadow of a greater, perfect reality. He suggests that people are living in a confused reflection of the perfect world and studying philosophy will help people better understand it this way.

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1: Maybe Humans are Inside a Black Hole

Dr. Nikodem Poplawski of Indiana University believes that all matter that is sucked into a black hole could actually form a new universe when it leaves the other end. Since the theoretical opposite of a black hole is called a “white hole,” an inverted version of a black hole’s time, it only makes sense that whatever a black hole sucks should, in turn, be expelled from the other side. What this means is that black holes are portals to other universes, and what happens between a black hole is what people call the Big Bang.

So, these were the 10 terrifying theories on human existence. Do you know any other theories about humanity? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow


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