10 Things ALL Guys Do But Won’t Admit Ever

Today we will talk about the things all guys do but won’t admit ever. They’ll never admit to many of these things anyway. Let’s get started.

10: They Try on Female Cosmetics

Did you believe him when he said your sunblock lotion spilled? Or did you really think that your night cream evaporates from the jar while you are away? How innocent and unaware you are! You never suspected your man to be experimenting with your cosmetics, Humm poor you. Want to catch him red-handed? Drop in-home early and UNANNOUNCED!

9: They Love to Gossip (Things ALL Guys Do)

Now, who said gossiping is a girl’s baby? We don’t care who that person was but let’s tell him that he was entirely wrong! Spicy news is a piece of news for God’s sake and you aren’t judging a man if he passes on that ‘important’ piece to others! Don’t you girls feel relaxed and energized after a gossip session with your girlfriends? Boys aren’t much different; they need relaxation too. Now whether it is after discussing that new hottie at work or another fling of their boss, let them talk it out!

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8: They Cry

Number 8 on the list of things all guys do is crying. No man is accepting but yes, he cried while watching The Notebook! Did that surprise you? Though women are tagged as more emotional beings that does not mean that men are immune to emotional outbreaks! That surely is false and so is the philosophy that only on his dad’s funeral or upon a kick in the berries, can a man allow his tears to leave the eyes!

7: They Appreciate Other Guy’s Looks (Things ALL Guys Do)

Complimenting a fellow female for her hot body is a daily ritual for women, that’s how girls bond you see! But you might have never thought that men have their own way of incorporating this girly thing in their life. Men might not hug and kiss each other in excitement when their friend is dressed impeccably but hello, you can still show your appreciation, right? So, a cool complement or even silent gestures work with them, that becomes a man thing!

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6: They Groom Themselves

How often do you spot hairy humanoids walking the streets? Rarely, right? So, you can’t really expect men to go about their work with feet long arm hair! Thank God men are setting new trends of plucking and waxing or else women would be eyeing the urban Sasquatch for no other alternative is available! Do you know the male grooming market exceeds $3.5 million annually? The shocking thing is that it equals the GDP of Liberia, Burundi, Malawi, and Sierra Leone, COMBINED!

Written by Jack Sparrow



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