9 Things Girls Should Never Do In Public

There are many things people shouldn’t do in public. When it comes to acting like a lady, there are things that are just unacceptable public behaviors. From picking a wedgie, and spitting on sidewalks, these are 9 things girls should never do in public.

9: Pop A Zit

With the popularity of blackhead video circling the web? We feel it’s important to let the ladies know that this is not something you should do in public. Whether it’s popping your own zits or someone else’s, it’s disgusting for the people around you. No one wants to see the dead skin and dirt that clogs the pores and splashes out when you pop your zits. On a side note, this is also something you shouldn’t do in front of your boyfriend. Leave a little mystery and let him think that your skin is naturally flawless and not the result of your constant picking.

8: Spitting

Number 8 on our list of 9 things girls should never do in public is spitting. There are things like burping and farting that aren’t the most polite things to do. But sometimes you just can’t control it. One thing you can control and things girls should never do in public is spit. Spitting shows a lack of class and can even make you seem less lady-like and less attractive. Even more, you should never spit on someone else when you’re fighting. This is possibly the lowest someone let alone a woman can go when it comes to humiliating their opponent. Ladies, please keep the spit in your mouth and off public sidewalks and other people!

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7: Pick a Wedgie (Things Girls Should Never Do)

We get it, there is nothing comfortable about having a wedgie and there is also no cute way to pick it out. Sure, you can totally mess with your underwear in the privacy of your own home, but leave it there. You never know who is watching. Taking your hands in your bottoms isn’t a good look. It’s even worse if you have a front wedgie. People will think you have questionable hygiene habits. So, save the picking for when you get some private time!

6: Lose Your Temper

Number 6 on our list of 9 things girls should never do in public is losing a temper. It’s true that you attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Many women haven’t figured out that losing your temper in public won’t get you what you want. When you lose your temper in public it’s an uncomfortable situation. It can leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. Being known as someone who angers easily shows that you may have a lack of coping skills, and resort to being allowed or a bully to get your point across. This can be a very unbecoming characteristic. People will start to second guess if they want to spend time with someone who is such a hothead.

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5: Fight on the Phone (Things Girls Should Never Do)

If someone losing their temper in public isn’t bad enough, when a phone is added to the mix, it can get really awkward. There are many times people don’t realize how loud they are being when they’re talking on the phone. With the invention of headphones, this has gotten even worse. We can only imagine the confusion that ensues when someone is screaming through their headphones during a fight they’re having over the phone in public. This again is inconsiderate to the people around you. It’s best to leave heated phone calls for when you get home.

4: Being Self Deprecating

There is nothing sexier than a woman that has confidence. But, have you ever been around a friend, and they have nothing good to say about themselves? There are times that girls will knowingly put themselves down in order to get compliments. This is known as fishing, and it’s very unattractive. Ladies, you should look for confidence within yourself and never fish for the praise of others. It will come when it is deserved. It will feel so much better when it isn’t the reaction of you being self-deprecating.

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3: Take Pictures of Everything (Things Girls Should Never Do)

What the rise of social media people are snapping and videoing every second of their day. It can get a bit annoying when you were constantly doing this in public. From taking selfies in the middle of a walking crowd to snapping your dinner, no one wants to see your obsession with yourself in public. Yes, we love that you love yourself. Life is so much better when you learn how to put the phone down and experience it firsthand.

2: Pee on the Toilet Seat

Is there anything worse than opening a restroom stall to find pee splashed all over the toilet seat? It should be a rule from now on that girls should never pee all over public toilet seats. We know it’s hard to keep everything in the pot when you are hovering over it. But ladies, it’s not hard to wipe it off. It’s just a common courtesy for the rest of the public that has to clean up after you just, so they can use the restroom. When in doubt, check the seat, grab toilet paper, and wipe after yourself, then flush the evidence!

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1: Banana Rule (Things Girls Should Never Do)

It’s sad that we even have to say this one because women already have a hard time eating in public. But things can get a little weird if you happen to make eye contact while eating a banana. Men are not able to control themselves when it comes to watching a woman eat anything with phallic shapes, their mind starts to wonder. Now, mix that with some eye contact, they may think you’re hitting on them. So, help yourself, avoid creepy situations, and leave the bananas, hot dogs, and lollipops at home!

So, that’s it for the 9 things girls should never do in public. Do you do any of these things in public? React in the comments section below. Thanks, and Bye.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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