10 UGLY Things Guys LOVE About Girls

Just because you think something about yourself isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean guys do. From having a cute snort to being a messy eater, men are falling in love with your imperfections. These are 10 ugly things guys love about girls.

10: Messy Eaters

You may have heard the things guys love about girls who are prim and proper. While this might be the case most of the time, they also want to know you have an appetite. A pet peeve for men is going on a date when the girl orders a salad, then ends up eating fries is food off of his plate. Don’t be shy when it comes to eating on a date! If you want buffalo wings, get them, it shows that you’re human, and you aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty.

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9: Foul Mouth (Things Guys Love)

Men love a girl who can joke with them and keep up with witty banter. Having a foul mouth can score you point to the guy and his friends. Though, you may want to tone it down when you’re meeting his family. If you have a foul mouth, it’s smart to know your audience and know when and where making dirty jokes are acceptable. Don’t worry if you cuss like a sailor, chances are your guy will love it and think it’s funny and cute.

8: Snorting

If you were embarrassed by your snort don’t be! There’s a good chance of someone who is falling in love with your nerdy laugh. The reason why guys like snorting so much are because they are hard to fake. You can fake a smile or a giggle, but when you snort it means you’re letting out a genuine laugh. This lets the guys know you think he’s funny, which is a complete validation for him. So, don’t hold back when it comes to laughing, and let that cute snort out!

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7: Pudgy Tummy (Things Guys Love)

You may be insecure about a little bit of flab on your mid-section, but most guys don’t seem to notice. Unlike women, men understand that having nice curves usually comes with a little bit of a pooch. This doesn’t turn men off, in fact, subconsciously this lets the man know that you’re fertile. Our brain still primal wiring, and when a guy sees a seemingly fertile woman, he will find her attractive. So, don’t worry if you don’t have rock hard abs, the right guy will think you’re sexy regardless!

6: Scars and Stretch Marks

When a woman has scars or stretch marks, it’s not a deal breaker for men. They can actually be considered cute and give you character. When it comes to scars, it shows guys you’ve lived a little, and usually, there is an interesting story behind it. If you have stretch marks from pregnancy, it shows that your body has fostered life, and they shouldn’t be something you are ashamed of. According to guys, your stretch marks and scars should be celebrated, and not hidden.

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5: Being Clumsy (Things Guys Love)

It’s not easy to be grateful all the time and being clumsy proves that you aren’t perfect. Men like knowing the girl they’re seeing has some flaws. When you’re clumsy it ends up being cute to guys. Of course, if you’re constantly falling on the ground like a baby giraffe learning to walk, it may not be sexy. But a little trip here and there isn’t a big deal to men. So, if you find yourself fumbling a bit, don’t be embarrassed, just laugh it off with your man.

4: Imperfect Teeth

Number 4 on things guys love are imperfect teeth. It’s common in western cultures to be obsessed with having straight white teeth. The good news is, if you don’t have perfect teeth, you shouldn’t fret. It turns out, having a gap in her teeth or crooked teeth is considered cute. Much like scars and stretch marks, your tiny imperfections keep your character and make you unique. Men love a girl with a bit of character, and they fall in love with your flaws.

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3: Aging (Things Guys Love)

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a rise of younger men dating older women! Now, most of the time, we don’t think aging is considered sexy, but with life expectancy extending, women are aging better than ever. Take a look at celebrities who are ages 40 and older, they are looking better as they age, and men are starting to take notice. Even if you aren’t seeing younger men, and you have been with the same man for years, they actually enjoy watching you age gracefully. So, don’t worry if you’re starting to wrinkle or getting gray hair, with age comes experience, which can be very attractive.

2: Pale Skin

You may be surprised to learn that men actually preferred paler skin. Men tend to go for pale skinned ladies because they are so consciously associating their pale skin to modesty and goodness. Studies found that women with darker skin tones were perceived as more promiscuous even if it wasn’t the case. Their moral and social conditioning society has associated lighter skin tones with higher moral character. This is the reason many cultures turned to skin lightening or brightening. So, if you have naturally pale skin don’t cover it with an alabaster glow.

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1: Pony Tails (Things Guys Love)

It’s your day off, and you don’t feel like washing your hair, chances are it will end up in a ponytail at the top of your head. Even if you don’t feel the most attractive at this moment, the majority of men find this look irresistible. The reasoning is because men love being able to see your beautiful face. Having long hair that is constantly covering your face makes you look different. So, when your hair is up men get to see the real you and they love being able to see all of you!

So, that’s it for today’s list of 10 Ugly Things Guys Love About Girls. What are some more things that might seem ugly things guys love about girls? React in the comments section below.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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