10 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Them

Men and women, we’re from the same species but sometimes it does seem like we’re from separate planets. No problem, we’re here to provide a little help. How? Well, stick around and we’ll show you 10 key things guys wish girls knew about them. From communication to feelings to male anatomy to even sex, these pointers may just help some ladies out there to better understand their man and even prevent a fight or two.

10: Teasing isn’t Bad

Ladies! Remember when that Boy in public school teased you? Well, he probably liked you but was just insecure about it. Fast forward to adulthood and you’ve matured but most guys still haven’t. As it turns out, that guy who teases or plays jokes on you at work is probably really into you. You see, guys aren’t as emotionally mature as women and resort to teasing the women they like because they’re too afraid to come right out and admit it. so, the next time it happens, don’t get too mad.

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9: Hard to Get (Things Guys Wish Girls Knew)

Biologically speaking, men are wired to be hunters. In terms of relationships, this means that men are likely to make the first move on a girl they like. However, it also turns out that many men like the women they are pursuing to play a little hard to get. We guess it’s the whole “thrill of the hunt” aspect which fulfills the biological need as well as the competitive spirit that most guys have. However, a word of warning ladies, if you’re interested don’t play too hard to get because, like in the wild, even a determined hunter can give up if he thinks it’s too hard.

8: It’s Okay to be Different

Number 8 on our list of Things Guys Wish Girls Knew is being different. Too often when a couple gets together a mistaken woman can make is to suddenly be into everything their man likes. Music, sports, movies, books – sure some overlap is good but it’s important to also have your own interests and Identity. Dropping all of your stuff to suddenly like everything he is into can make you seem like an out-and-out stalker or more likely that you’re super needy – which scares a lot of guys off. Worse yet, you could ultimately be looked at as simply “one of the guys”.

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7: Guys Don’t Listen (Things Guys Wish Girls Knew)

Number 7 on our list of Things Guys Wish Girls Knew is that guys don’t listen. Men everywhere would just like women to know that they don’t listen and it’s not their fault. How many fights have started, or tears shed because a woman thought her man was daydreaming or not listening intently to her story? Probably a lot. However, men and researchers would like to point out that their brain just doesn’t work that way. Seriously, MRI scans revealed that during a conversation, women’s brains light up like a Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center while listening. Men’s brains, on the other hand, tended to resemble more of a nightlight.

6: And Miss the Signs

A guy can pick up on an oncoming blitz in football or read the body language of the UFC fighter. However, don’t expect them to pick up on any subtle hints that a woman might give out. Yup, you just need to know that men can’t read things like tone of voice or facial expressions as well as other women might. We think it’s linked to the whole listening thing. So, when you’re trying to convey how upset you are with your guy, don’t be subtle – be direct.

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5: Those Three Little Words (Things Guys Wish Girls Knew)

Number 5 on our list of Things Guys Wish Girls Knew are those 3 little words. A lot of guys just aren’t the type to say I love you all the time. In fact, a lot of men express how they feel about their significant other by doing things. What do we mean? Well, instead of saying I love you a guy might fix that broken sink, take out the garbage or clean up the yard. This way they’re showing their affection by doing things that improve their partner’s life or make their day easier.

4: It Shrinks

In the 90s, Seinfeld did men everywhere a service by informing the audience that “it” shrinks at certain times. For men, everywhere, size can be a big factor. Especially when it comes to confidence and self-esteem. So, if you happen to bust into the room after your guy has just come out of the cold. Don’t laugh and point if you are greeted by a cocktail Weenie. Under normal, and warmer conditions, it’s not as puny looking. Every guy would just like you to know that.

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3: Be Yourself (Things Guys Wish Girls Knew)

Number 3 on our list of Things Guys Wish Girls Knew is yourself. Guys love a girl who is confident in who she is and doesn’t try to be someone she isn’t. Specifically, men don’t want a wife or girlfriend who competes with their buddies. Yes, ladies, your man may find his friend who can burp the alphabet hilarious or love going to hockey games with another certain buddy – but he’s with you because of who you are. After all, he’s not going to have a candle-lit dinner with his work friend Ken – so you probably shouldn’t try and one-up his buddies by shoving 8 Twinkies in your mouth.

2: Taking Charge in Bed

Guys think about s-x a lot and usually want it just as much. However, while it may be the guy who is initiating things in the bedroom most of the time, a little change can be really good. Remember how we said men are biologically wired to be hunters? Well, sometimes in the bedroom they like to change things up and see what it’s like to be the prize instead. It’s a change of pace and can be a huge turn-on to have a role reversal in which the woman takes control of the situation.

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1: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Things Guys Wish Girls Knew)

Do guys become best friends with their buddies by having long heart-to-heart discussions of the future and their feelings? Not really. They build those relationships through activities that can include everything from video games to sports to construction projects. This applies to how many men develop relationships with women. While you might think it’s just kicking a ball around or a quick game of baseball, shared activities are actually a guy’s way of building a relationship with his significant other. It’s like having that “where is this relationship going?” conversation – only with the added bonus of showing off.

Well, that’s potentially some useful info about Things Guys Wish Girls Knew, that we could have given you to help with your relationships. You know what else we could use more of entertaining and informative lists. It just so happens that we have a bunch of lists right here for you at Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments and we’ll see you next time.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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