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Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel for Women Over 50

Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel for Women Over 50
Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel for Women Over 50

10 Safest Countries to Travel for Women Over 50

Do you have the itch to travel? Are you thinking about going abroad by yourself? I’ve been travelling by myself for a while now, and even as I become older, I don’t plan to stop discovering new places. If you’re anything like me, you’re fully aware that as an older woman travelling alone, you need to think about your safety. Naturally, I do my homework before making travel (Safest Countries to Travel for Women) plans.


Switzerland is frequently regarded as one of the safest countries in the world due to its low crime rate and superior infrastructure.


Japan is a safe location for single women travelling because of its stringent social norms and low crime rate.


Iceland is a safe destination due to its tiny population and low crime rate. Additionally, it’s a well-liked location for outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a safe and well-liked travel destination for female solo travellers due to its low crime rate and emphasis on outdoor activities.


Canada is a safe place to travel because of its pleasant residents and low crime rate.


Finland is a safe and well-liked travel destination for older ladies travelling alone due to its low crime rate and emphasis on outdoor activities.


Germany is a popular and secure travel destination, Germany is known for its robust economy, low crime rate, and welcoming culture.


Singapore is frequently praised for its stringent rules and low crime rate.


Norway is a safe and well-liked travel destination because of its low crime rate, emphasis on outdoor activities, and friendly culture.

Costa Rica

This Central American nation is renowned for its pristine landscapes, eco-friendly travel, and welcoming citizens. Additionally, it is regarded as one of Latin America’s safest nations.

Travelling as a solitary female traveler is thought to be safer in some countries than others. Travelling to a country that is at war or experiencing civil turmoil is not a good idea. But there are other important aspects to take into account as well.

How to Research a Destination Before Visiting

Here are some of the things I do before choosing a destination.

Consult the travel advisories

To find out whether countries are safe for travel at the time of your planning. Check the official travel advisories from many governments, including the US Department of State, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Canadian Government. They frequently have a broad understanding of global events. And send out advisories when there is unrest or violence in particular nations.

Verify Safety Rankings 

To find nations with low crime rates, stable political environments, and robust tourism infrastructure, check rankings and reports from organizations like the Global Peace Index and the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. Read Expert Recommendations To find destinations that are safe and comfortable for senior citizens. Consult the advice of travel experts and bloggers who specialize in senior travel.

Review User Feedback

Examine user evaluations from well known travel forums and websites, including TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet, to discover which locations come highly recommended by other vacationers.

Some additional points to think about

  • Look for nations that are safe for tourists and have low rates of crime.
  • Verify the infrastructure and medical system.
  • If you have any medical conditions that might need care, this is especially crucial.
  • Look for nations that are renowned for welcoming visitors.
  • Some nations are known for being especially welcoming to women traveling alone.
  • Before you travel, learn about the local traditions and culture.
  • You can prevent any misunderstandings or awkward situations by becoming familiar with the local customs and conventions.
  • Although perceptions of safety might differ widely from person to person, some nations are usually thought to be safer than others for solitary female travelers.


Conclusion (Safest Countries to Travel for Women)

These sources prompted me to construct list of nations that are usually thought to be risk-free for elderly women to visit, but it should be noted that no place is fully risk-free. While traveling, it’s crucial to use caution and adhere to fundamental safety practices like locking up your possessions, paying attention to your surroundings. And avoiding any potentially dangerous situations.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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