10 Differences Between India and Pakistan

10 Differences Between India and Pakistan

Today’s list is something that I’m sure is going to garner a lot of comments but how could I miss this topic? Hello to all my Pakistanis, hello to all my Hindustanis, please don’t start insulting each other in the comments. I know how heated some of us can get about this, but they were one country once upon a time, lest we forget. Without further ado, let’s get into it, this is the top 10 differences between India and Pakistan.

10: Different Languages of India and Pakistan

Don’t worry I know that Hindi and Urdu have a lot of similarities, I agree. I wouldn’t be able to watch all the Bollywood movies that I do if there wasn’t. However, Urdu has more of its roots in Arabic and Farsi. Whereas Hindi has more of its roots in Sanskrit and Prakrit. But, of course, India and Pakistan are such big countries that Urdu and Hinduism can’t be the only languages spoken in them. The four languages that crossover the most between both are obviously Hindi and Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Kashmiri. In India, they also speak Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, and more.

If we cross the border in Pakistan, we speak Pashto, Balochi, Saraiki, in places like Peshawar, Quetta, and Multan. They also have their own Languages as well. All these different languages are spoken in these two countries would be a lot of crossovers. Someone who speaks one would probably be able to understand the other, that would be wrong. The differences are night and day, Malayalam sounds nothing like Hindi, which sounds nothing like Punjabi, which sounds nothing like Balochi.

9: Day to Day Clothes

Of course, we do have similar traditional clothes, all the differences I list there will probably be similarities. In Pakistan, girls and guys wear western clothes but mostly wear shalwar kameez (traditional wear). Indians, also wear western clothes, but a lot of people wear shalwar kameez as well. In villages guys mostly wear dhotis (style of pants) and girls wear saris (traditional wear). Regardless of whichever one you choose to have there’s no denying that they love desi styles and colors.

8: Food of India and Pakistan

Omg, the things I would do for now for some dhal (lentil dish) right now. The majority of India’s Hindu and contrary to their popular belief, it’s not actually a requirement to be vegetarian. I know a lot of people don’t know, but a lot of Hindus are vegetarians. Because Hinduism emphasizes non-violence to all living things, including animals. So, a lot of their meals are centered around chickpeas, yogurt, idli (savory rice cake), etc. Their food is also usually served on a big silver plate called a thali. If you’ve ever been to an Indian restaurant, you will 100% know what I’m talking about.

On the other hand, in Pakistan, almost every dish is meat-based. So, we have keema (ground meat), chicken karahi, kebabs. It’s usually eaten with either roti (a type of flatbread), rice, paratha (a type of flatbread fried in oil or ghee) you name it. This is a fact that Pakistan is literally ranked third in the world for the highest meat consumption. Biryani (a type of rice) is a very popular dish in both countries. People love biryani and they even die for it.

7: Sports

Cricket is worshiped equally in both India and Pakistan and it’s the most popular sport ever in both countries. I’m not even going to talk more about cricket because a full-blown disaster will occur. Other than Cricket, there is a difference in the most played sports within each Country. Field hockey is extremely popular among both countries and it’s also their national sport. Netball is mostly played amongst girls in India, which is not surprising. Considering netball is pretty much mandatory in any British school and India was colonized by the British. While in Pakistan it’s a different story, people prefer football, squash, hockey, basketball, with girls prefer badminton.

6: Religion of India and Pakistan

I didn’t want to include this because it’s sort of a sensitive topic and I don’t want you guys to humiliate or insult each other’s religions. I trust you guys and how could I not talk about the one thing that essentially caused us to separate into the two nations we are today. In Pakistan 96% of the population is Muslim. A remaining couple of percentages are Christian, and 1.8% are actually Hindus. The majority of Indians are Hindus, while the second-largest majority are in fact Muslims, as well the third are Christians and Sikhs, Buddhists or Jains.

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