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    10 Guilty Things You Love Doing

    When it comes to guilty things, everyone has them! But just because guilty is in the phrasing, it doesn’t mean you should feel too shameful for yours! Whether it’s binge eating pizza when you are on a diet or fantasizing about a crush, guilty things aren’t all that bad! Today we’re discussing 10 guilty things […] More

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    10 Makeup Techniques That Will Make You More Attractive

    Less is more when it comes to makeup techniques, but there are some clever makeup techniques that will enhance your natural beauty. Read this list to discover 10 makeup techniques that will make you more attractive. 10: White Eyeliner Research has shown that men find women with big eyes more attractive and you can achieve […] More

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    10 Reasons Why Being A Teenager Is Awesome

    Teens have to deal with a lot of life’s worst, like calculus exams and puberty. So, it may seem like life is hard as a teenager but there are some things that only teens can take advantage of. From not having a debt to getting a summer break, being a teenager isn’t all bad. Today […] More

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    10 Useful Tips That Leads to Healthy Pregnancy

    When you find out you’re pregnant, immediate questions probably come to mind: What can I eat? Can I still exercise? Are my sushi days in the past? Taking care of yourself has never been more important, but it’s not hard to learn. Here’s how to maintain a healthy pregnancy through nutrition, vitamins, good habits, and […] More

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    10 Reasons Why Being Different is Great

    With the rise of the internet and social media, it seems like the world is getting smaller every day. There are so many trends and ways of life that you find yourself not quite fitting in. Today we are letting you know that it’s okay if you don’t fit in because these are 10 reasons […] More

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    10 Secrets To Being A Happy Person

    Life likes to throw curve balls and sometimes it seems hard to hit a home run. So, when life has got you down, what can you do to pick yourself back up? Today we are discussing 10 tips to be a happy person. 10: Spread the Joy One of the easiest ways to be happy […] More

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    10 Signs She is A Bad Best Friend

    It’s not always easy to make a best friend but when you do you usually have a sister for life. Sometimes you may be caught in a toxic friendship and figuring it out can be pretty tough. Today we are discussing 10 signs she’s a bad best friend. 10: Bad Best Friend is Jealous Does […] More

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    10 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent

    We tend to think people who are insanely smart breeze their life without encountering any problems at all. They get the best grades in school; they graduate at the top of their class and they usually land high-paying jobs but being intelligent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Today we’re showing you 10 signs […] More

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    9 Things Girls Should Never Do In Public

    There are many things people shouldn’t do in public. When it comes to acting like a lady, there are things that are just unacceptable public behaviors. From picking a wedgie, and spitting on sidewalks, these are 9 things girls should never do in public. 9: Pop A Zit With the popularity of blackhead video circling […] More

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    10 Ugly Habits That Make You Less Attractive

    There are many things you may be doing that you don’t realize are affecting your appearance. From biting your nails to not getting enough sleep, your daily habits could be doing a number on you! These are 10 ugly habits that make you appear less attractive. 10: Skipping Workouts One of the biggest things people […] More

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    10 Wrong Things You Secretly Do Almost Everyday

    When you’re alone, what type of strange things do you do behind closed doors? If you’re like most people, you might do a lot of weird things that you’d be ashamed to admit. Today we’re revealing 10 wrong things you secretly do almost every day. 10: Guys Stuffing Their Package Most guys would never admit […] More

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