10 Most Expensive Homes In Africa

10 Most Expensive Homes In Africa

Today we are talking about 10 Most Expensive Homes in Africa. It’s time for another round of house hunting. Properties are always a good investment, so today we’re looking at the most expensive houses on the market in Africa. This large continent has over 1.2 Billion inhabitants and although a lot of them are struggling to survive. There are also a few billionaires that live good wealthy life in luxurious mansions. There are roughly 55 billionaires in Africa and their combined fortune is $143.8 Billion. What makes houses here so beautiful is the untouched and raw nature. And the fact you can be around wildlife and so many wonderful creatures. It’s also a great escape from crowded cities and snobby culture, the geography changes and the culture changes as well. The architecture here has influences from all over the world and there are a few villas and mansions that really stand out.

People usually think the whole continent is poor and that people don’t enjoy luxury in Africa. However, there are billionaires here and they are not afraid to flaunt it. We’re going to list here a few homes that compared to Europe’s most lavish houses. Without rambling on too much let’s see how luxurious and expensive houses can get in Africa? Who owns them and what makes them so special? Let’s take a closer look at 10 Most Expensive Homes in Africa.

10: Linda Ikeji House, Nigeria

Linda Ikeji House, Nigeria

Number 1 on our list of 10 Most Expensive Homes in Africa is Linda Ikeji House in Nigeria. A wealthy self-made millionaire from Nigeria is Linda Ikeji. She’s the most famous blogger in the region and now a proud resident of Banana Island because that’s the place to live in the area if you’re among the rich. Her 3-floor houses worth $2.2 Million and she has a net worth of roughly $5.5 Million, for luxurious home is everything you would expect in more. It has 3 bedrooms with all suites, a huge dressing room because she’s a blogger, a gym, private cinema, 2-living rooms, a swimming pool with a waterfall and the most luxurious interiors. She’s a role model and the proof that hard work pays off and it looks like some bloggers make a lot of money.

9: P Square Mansion, Nigeria

P Square Mansion, Nigeria

The next house on our list of 10 Most Expensive Homes In Africa belongs to the most famous music duo in Africa, P Square. They’re very famous in their home country of Nigeria and like to live in style like their fellow American rappers. Peter and Paul together known as P Square are the only non-businessmen that owned a house in banana island, the most expensive and exclusive neighborhood in Lagos. Their house is estimated to be worth $4.1 Million and is the depiction of luxury. They live there with their wives and children, so the house is pretty big and has all the facilities they need such as a pool, gym, garage, staff rooms, private cinema, a huge fully functioning kitchen and bedrooms to accommodate all of them. In fact, these 2 stars are so rich, they also own houses in the US as well.

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