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    Naatu Naatu’ From ‘RRR’: Tollywood’s 1st Oscar Winner!

    RRR’: Tollywood’s 1st Oscar Winner! (Naatu Naatu Song Oscar) In India’s interpretation of the Cinderella tale, “Naatu Naatu” became the first song from a Tollywood film to win the best original song at the Oscars, beating out superstars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. The award was given to famous composer (Naatu Naatu Song Oscar)M.M. Keeravani […] More

  • Deepika Padukone - 10 Bollywood Actors Not Born in India -



    10 Bollywood Actors Not Born in India

    Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone etc. You guys must’ve heard all these names. No friends this list is not just about Bollywood stars, but it is in fact about 10 such Bollywood Actors Not Born in India and those who have a foreign citizenship. 10: Imran Khan This actor had his debut in the […] More

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    10 Coolest Cars Featured In Movies

    What’s a good film without an attractive male lead, a beautiful female starlet, and some fast cars? The first car chase scene was in the 1903 movie “Runaway Match”. Now 115 years later movies are filled with top-speed chases, impressive stunts, wrecks, and explosions. They’re full of admirable pumping gasoline-fueled stunts that leave people in […] More

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    10 Best UFC Fighters of all Time

    In this list, we have featured the 10 best UFC fighters of all time. The records listed for each fighter are the records of MMA, not only the UFC. It is important to note that the record for each fighter to follow, is in accordance with WLD, i.e., victory, defeat, and tie, respectively. The Ultimate […] More

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    10 Celebs Who Married Their Fans

    Most of us can only dream of marrying our celebrity crushes, but for some fans, that dream became a reality. Whether they found love at the hair salon or in the audience of a talk show. But these couples prove that there is still hope for the rest of us. Without further ado, let’s dive […] More

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    10 Presidents Secret Affairs With Famous People

    Men in a position of power who have extramarital affairs are nothing new. But when these presidents stepped out on their significant others with famous people, they made headlines. Keep reading to see our list of 10 presidents secret affairs with celebrities. 10: Francois Mitterrand & Anne Pingeot The late socialist president of France, Francois […] More

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    10 Famous Criminals Who Got Away Because of Good Lawyers

    Welcome! not everyone around us is a good person, but everybody should have access to good lawyers. As a fine living enthusiast, we expect you to understand that money and wealth should never be used against anybody. But that doesn’t always happen. Many famous criminals defense lawyers are simply able to get whatever verdict they […] More

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    10 Instagram Hot Guys You Need To Follow

    Hello ladies and gents but I’m guessing mostly ladies. You might have just read the previous list that we published with the 10 hottest babes you should follow. So, it just seems fair to cover the other side of the coin. As for the other list, we took a look at our own Instagram profile […] More

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    16 Things You Didn’t Know About BTS

    Today we’re going to talk about not 1, not 2 but 7 guys that took the world by storm with their music. Yes, you were waiting for it and we are finally doing it. We’re going to talk about BTS, the South Korean K-pop boy band. They debuted in 2013 and ever since they’ve won […] More

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    16 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeffree Star

    Today, we’re looking at 15 things you didn’t know about internet star Jeffree Star. We’re not going to talk so much about all the drama and the scandals. Instead, we’re focusing on the business side, the wealth, the numbers, and the money of this highly controversial internet celebrity. He’s a former pop-rock star celebrity, makeup […] More

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